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25 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That’ll Arrive Fast

Last minute Valentines day gifts
Design: theSkimm | Image: Bala Weights, Coffee Drip, Cocktail Set
Feb 2, 2022

Valentine’s Day will be here before ya know it. And thanks to shipping delays and supply-chain issues, finding gifts for your S.O. or galentine that’ll make it in time may not be the easiest this year. So if you haven’t started shopping our V-Day gift guides yet, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up the best presents that’ll ship fast and make your giftee say ‘ilysm.’ And if you’re really cutting it down to the wire, we have subscriptions and experiences your recipient can use whenever they want. Keep calm and gift on.

A pack of 100 conversation starters to spice things up…

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or you're newly dating someone, this pack of cards is a fun one to have on hand. You and your giftee can play one per night over dinner for the next few weeks, or talk through a bunch of them at once after popping open a bottle of vino. No matter how you play, the sparks are bound to fly. ($19.95, Amazon)

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A water-resistant Bluetooth shower speaker…

Take their shower singing up a notch with this advanced speaker. It's engineered with a detachable suction cup that can attach right to their bathroom wall. It’s easy to set up thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility and can last for up to six hours of wireless play. Oh, and it has a splash-proof surface, so it’s safe to have on during the kiddos’ bathtime. What’s that? It’s music to their ears, ahhhh. ($14.99, Amazon)

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The prettiest set of Jane Austen books we ever did see…

Here ye, here ye, the literary lover in your life just needs this for Valentine’s Day. The seven-book set of Austen classics — “Sense and Sensibility,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “Mansfield Park,” “Emma,” “Northanger Abbey,” “Persuasion,” and “Love and Friendship” — are bound in high-quality cloth that they’ll cherish and want to show off for years to come. ($91.99, Amazon)

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A vibey accessory that’ll put the O in ‘treat yo’self’…

Who says you can’t be your own valentine? Gift yourself the ultimate evening at home, complete with this waterproof vibrator. Unlike most toys, this one’s got zero internal body frame. Translation: It bends and flexes to your every move. It also fits in the palm of your hand. And features four new vibration patterns so you can switch things up as needed. Oh, and the best part? Skimm’rs get 20% off. Just say yes (yes yes). ($95, Dame)*

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A pour-over glass coffeemaker to take up their AM brew up a notch…

This one from Chemex is sleek, minimal, and makes fresh, rich coffee that’ll rival their favorite local brand. It’s easy to use too, so if they’ve never channeled their inner barista before, they’ll be able to get the hang of it in no time. Top of the morning to them. ($44.63, Amazon

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Or gift them a subscription that’ll let them try coffee from around the world…

Personalize their monthly (or bimonthly) shipment so they can receive up to 24 ounces of freshly roasted beans from places like Costa Rica and Brazil. They’ll also get brewing tips, flavor notes, and a postcard from the featured country. Rise and grind. Bonus: They also offer a tea subscription if that's more your giftee's speed. ($4.50+ per shipment, Atlas Coffee Club)

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Wearable wrist and ankle weights to level up their workout routine…

These cult-favorite, 1-pound Bala Bangles are great for the giftee who already has a strong workout routine or for beginners who want to slowly start adding some sweat sessions into their life. They come with elastic bands and ultra-strong Velcro so they can adjust them to find their ideal fit. The baby-soft silicone materials come in a range of fun colors too. They’re perfect for doing guided exercises from home or to wear while walking around the block. Time to get physical. ($49, Amazon)

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A handpicked experience for the S.O. who loves adventuring…

With this gift, your partner is in the driver’s seat. They get to decide where to adventure — and when. You simply select a collection and they choose from over 1,200 unique experiences in over 100 countries. They can relax over a jazz cruise dinner in New Orleans, get an adrenaline rush while swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, or find a happy medium exploring art museums. At checkout, just choose the ‘eVoucher’ option for quick arrival via email. ($134+, Tinggly)

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A heart-shaped mini waffle maker…

Why make normal-shaped waffles when your person can eat ’em in the shape of a heart? This lil’ appliance heats up quickly and can churn out waffles within minutes. When the light turns on, it’s time to cook. Andddd…if they’re extra serious about their cooking game and heart-shaped objects, consider pairing it with this cream-of-the-crop, heart-shaped Dutch oven from Le Creuset. Bon appétit. ($19.99, Amazon)

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A movie bucket-list poster…

They’ll scratch them off one by one as they watch some of the most iconic films of all time. The post features 100 little illustrations to represent the best of the best out there. Happy viewing. ($29.97, Amazon)

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A mixology kit so they can take their at-home bartending skills to the next level…

Shaken, not stirred, please. This beginner-friendly kit will have your giftee mixing professional-level drinks in no time. It comes with all the essential bar accessories they’ll need, like a leak-proof cocktail shaker, recipe cards, and a stylish wooden stand to keep it all in. Did we mention the tools are dishwasher-safe? Because they are. To sweeten the deal even further, we rec gifting them a cocktail subscription alongside the kit to help turn their burgeoning passion into a lifestyle. ($29.97, Amazon)

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A coloring book for the partner who has a high-intensity job or could just use a lil’ stress relief…

Give them the V-Day gift of coloring it out. And PSA: This book contains swear words. And just the right amount of insults to help your S.O. release whatever negativity is bubbling inside. Yes — sometimes yelling at the top of your lungs helps, but have they ever tried intense coloring? Pick up some gel pens and let them get to it. ($9.69, Amazon)

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An experiential gift that also comes with a physical present... 

Because sometimes you want to give more than an envelope. Choose from any number of activities: specialized baking, painting lessons, cocktail crafting, and so much more. With each activity, your giftee will receive a complementary product shipped to their door. They’ll have everything they need to put their learning cap on. (Prices vary, Uncommon Goods)

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And for more of our favorite Valentine's (and Galentine's) Day gifts from Uncommon Goods, shop here.

Virtual cooking classes taught by famous chefs…

Your giftee will get unlimited access to a library of immersive video classes from the best and brightest in the culinary world, like Nancy Silverton, Edward Lee, Kwame Onwuachi, and others. The renowned chefs will be sharing recipes, cooking secrets, techniques, and more invaluable kitchen tips throughout. And let’s be real: Gifting your person a cooking-related item just means you get to reap all the benefits and delicious meals. And who doesn’t want that? ($180 per year, YesChef)

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A mini massage gun that’ll provide instant therapy for your S.O.’s body… 

Because they’re your fave workout partner and they could use this on their recovery days. This pocket-sized lil’ guy can give your giftee quality muscle treatment in only a few minutes. Just have them run it along their tight or tense spots and ahh — instant relief. It's ultra quiet, has an ergonomic grip, and can last up to 150 minutes on one charge. Plus, Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel herself really loves it too. ($190.99+, Amazon)

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A portable, remote-controlled mini projector to take movie night up a few notches…

Since you’ve been spending so much time at home, treat your valentine to this fun gadget that'll change the way you watch your favorite films together. This super lightweight one is easy to transport from room to room (and even outside in the warmer weather). Lights, camera, action. ($69.99, Amazon)

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A monthly pizza subscription…

True fact: Any gift that involves ’za is an automatic winner. Choose between a three-month or six-month subscription and your lucky recipient will get sent a box of fresh pizza that’ll serve at least four. They’ll get a variety of pies to try — everything from wood fired to deep-dish, and more. That’s amore. ($89/per month, Goldbelly)

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The cool “it” bag of the moment…

A trendy item that actually holds its weight in quality? It’s a yes from us. This cult-fave, ‘90s-inspired bag from JW Pei is made from 100% premium vegan leather and recycled plastic. The scrunchie-style strap has a magnetic closure, plus it’s water-resistant and should last for years. Pick a fun color or a classic neutral — either way, your valentine (or galentine) will be thrilled. ($79.99, Amazon)

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A make-your-own message(s) in a bottle set…

Because nothing says ‘ily’ like handwritten notes. You’ll get 90 capsules, one glass bottle, and a blank piece of paper inside each pill where you can write little somethings. It’s the perfect way to show your person just how much they mean to you. Plus, they can keep them forever. ($12.99, Amazon)

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A bamboo table tray with folding legs…

For breakfast in bed or dinner on the couch. Using this minimal wooden tray makes everyday life feel a little more luxurious. It has handles to make transporting items easy, legs that fold up so your giftee can store it when it’s not in use, and has a lip around the sides to prevent their goodies from falling over. Royal treatment, coming right up. ($19.99, Amazon)

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An ‘I love you’ print you can download quickly…

Talk about last-minute. If you’re really in a rut, just click ‘add to cart’ on this and you’ll have your gift available ASAP. The retro-inspired print comes in a downloadable PDF that you’ll get a Google Drive link for via email. You can send it out to your local Staples to have it printed on nice heavyweight paper, or print it yourself from home. ($6.23, SaraAndMisc via Etsy)

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And another digital print that’s a little more personal…

This ‘where it all began’ map lets you customize all your relationship details. You can choose your city, exact map location, colors, and names that’ll be added to the print and sent digitally via email within one day of your purchase. It’ll come as a PNG file, and just like the other poster, you can print it on your own or have it professionally printed on fancy paper. ($8.21, TheLittlePen via Etsy)

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A large-display digital clock slash mirror…

Because they probably haven’t treated themselves to a new alarm in years. This super-sleek modern clock has three brightness levels so they won’t be blinded when checking the time in the middle of the night. It’s got a special sensor to adjust the display brightness based on how bright the light in their room is. Plus, the built-in USB ports will let them charge two devices at the same time, so they can listen to music while doing their skincare routine in the mirror. Brilliant. Whether your recipient wants to sit it right on their nightstand, have it chilling in their bathroom, or hang it up on the wall — this is the type of gift that won’t go to waste. ($23.95, Amazon)

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An arts-and-crafts subscription box for date nights, friend hangouts, or solo self-care days...

Because you’re never too old to help inspire your S.O. or BFF to get creative. Every month they’ll get a new craft to try out, delivered right to their doorstep. Your giftee can do everything from wood burning and engraving to making epoxy resin coasters or wine carriers. Each box will come with all the tools (and instructions) they’ll need. So they’ll never have to run out to Michaels to supplement their kit. Phew. All that’s left for them to do is focus and use a little imagination. ($31+/month, Cratejoy)

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