16 Little Things That’ll Clean and Organize Your Home

Published on: Sep 4, 2020fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
products that will clean and organize your homeMichele Rosenthal

Summer is coming to a close and we’re still spending a majority of our time at home. Which means it gets dirtier (and messier) 10x faster. Yes, the dishes and laundry are piling. But take a deep breath.

We’re here with things that’ll help you cut through grime and organize your space. So you can get back to what really matters. Like researching pumpkin-flavored recipes for your fall obsession.

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broom to collect pet hair
For when your fur baby decides to shed everywhere…

Collect the hair. Some call it magic...some call it a rubber broom that picks up fur like a dream. It’ll work on carpet, tile, and wood floors. When you’re done, place the broom under running water to wash. It’s that easy. ($15.10, Amazon)

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oven cleaner spray
For when quarantine baking has turned your oven into a mess…

Spray and wipe. Goodbye tough stains and spills. And baked-on pie filling. After spraying, wait a few minutes before wiping with a wet cloth. Brownies anyone? ($4.29, Target)

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all purpose cleaning solution
For when you’re looking for a product that does it all…

Introducing Bar Keepers Friend. It can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, and on cookware to remove stains and restore shine. It can also be used on stainless steel, porcelain, brass, copper, glass, ceramic, chrome, and aluminum. So literally everything. Consider it your go-to. ($17.99, Amazon)

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grout pens for cleaning
For when you’re looking to really deep clean your place…

Grab a brush. The small head is perfect for light fixtures and nooks and crannies, while the large head is ideal for grout, shower tracks, and stove tops. Get scrubbing. ($6.99, Amazon)

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wood floor cleaning spray
For when your wood floors are looking a bit dull…

Shine ‘em. And get rid of dirt, debris, and footprints. With no streaks left behind. Huzzah. ($6.97, Amazon)

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monthly shipment of cleaning products to your home
For when you go through cleaning products way too quickly…

Get more delivered to your front door. Grove sends you effective, sustainable, non-toxic and plant-based personal care and home cleaning products. They’ve got what you need, like body wash, hand soap, and recycled plastic trash bags. You can customize your shopping cart for monthly shipments. Oh, and you get free welcome gifts when you join. Imagine that.* ($30+, Grove Collaborative)

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magnetic kitchen rack for items
For when you don’t have nearly enough counter space…

Rack it up. This one is magnetic so it’ll attach to your fridge. You’ll finally have a convenient home for your olive oil, vinegar, and paper towels. And more room for actual cooking. ($17.99+, Amazon)

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wall unit for keys and mail
For when your keys like to go on walks…

Hang ‘em. But don’t stop there. This wall unit can hold mail, your wallet, and a small plant. It has five hooks for leashes, scarves, and hats, too. And a small mirror so you can check yourself out before heading out the door. We won’t tell.  ($19.99, The Container Store)

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over the door hanging organizer with pockets for personal items
For when your medicine cabinet is too tiny for your skincare collection…

Create more space. With an over-the-door vanity. The clear pockets will make everything easy to see. So your moisturizers, makeup brushes, and pimple creams will finally have a home. Thank us later. ($39, Dormify)

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plastic organizer for bras
For when your bras are bunched into a drawer with zero order…

Stack ‘em. This holder stands them up, so they keep their shape. No more bent wires or cups, snagged lace, or stretched straps. One organizer can hold up to 10 bras. And you can even use it for bathing suit tops. ($29.99, The Container Store)

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laundry detergent pods
For when pasta night results in a sauce splash…

Laundry time. But make it pods. Pods that fight tough stains and get rid of nasty odors while being gentle on your skin and favorite clothes. They're made with plant-derived ingredients and packaged in recyclable cardboard. Win-win.* (18+, Dropps)

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magnetic spice rack
For when you wanna cook with a ton of spices…

Organize ‘em. It’ll sit over your stove, providing a very handy spot for herbs and seasonings. Plus since it’s magnetic, you won’t need to drill any holes or use adhesives. We love an easy solution.  ($39.99, Amazon)

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nail polish organizer
For when you’ve really committed to at-home manicures…

Organize your polish. You insist on owning a ton of colors. So you might as well keep them neat and tidy. Now if only you owned a legit pedicure chair… ($27.89, Amazon)

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cleaning spray for cars
For when your latest road trip left your car a mess…

Use one spray. This one works on door panels, the steering wheel, dashboard, and seats. And yes, it can be used on both leather and carpet. It’ll lift dirt and grime, get rid of bird poop, and banish grease and food stains. Your car never looked so good. ($16.99, Amazon)

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jewelry cleaning brush for rings and diamonds
For when your rings just don’t shine like they used to…

Make ‘em sparkle. It’s easier than you think. Just twist the pen top to dispense the cleaning solution, then brush. Your diamonds will look brand new. Talk about bling. ($7.43, Amazon)

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dawn soap cleaning spray
For when you get stuck on dish duty…

Have fun on the job. No more intense scrubbing. This spray starts working the moment it makes contact, so you don’t even need water to get started. On your mark...get set...wash. ($8.49, Target)

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