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Nature Aesthetic: 8 Decor Items to Help You Bring the Outdoors Inside

Homesick Candles
Design: theSkimm | Image: Homesick
Aug 3, 2022

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If you love the outdoors, it’s key to set up your space so you can always have a little taste of it inside. Aka with a customizable sunset lamp, pine and sandalwood-scented candles, an indoor hammock chair, and devices to mimic the sounds of nature while you sleep. Bonus: You’ll still get to enjoy your Netflix queue and AC, and won’t have to worry about any pesky mosquitoes. Looking for more decor inspo? Check out our picks for stuff under $75 to refresh your space too

A sunset lamp projector so golden hour can be every hour…  

Whether you’re in it for the ambient lighting or for the artsy photo op, this indoor lamp will instantly warm up the vibe of your space with a sunrise or sunset display of your choosing. Pick from four dynamic modes — flash, strobe, fade, and smooth effect, plus 15 different lighting options. It also comes with a remote for quick and easy light control like an adjustable brightness function. Plus, you can rotate the lens a full 360 degrees to display on your ceiling, floors, walls, and more. ($19.99+, Amazon)

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A star projector for indoor stargazing… 

And some serious mood lighting. This one projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming red, green, and blue nebula cloud. Customers love the bright nebula and accompanying app that lets you control and cycle through the different star effects available. Pro tip: The default setting for the stars doesn’t look the most realistic, but lowering the effect on the app by 20% makes a big difference. ($39.99, Amazon)

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Nature-inspired candles that’ll fill your home with scents of the outdoors…

Like pine, sandalwood, and sea air. You can’t go wrong with any scents from this HQ-fave brand, but we rec Gone Hiking, with base notes of moss and ivy, Beach Cottage, with base notes of sea air, tonka bean, and amber, or Lake Living, with notes of cypress, lime, and fresh mineral springs. Vacation vibes, coming right up. ($38, Homesick)

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A stone diffuser that’ll add some woodsy scents to your home… 

This handcrafted Vitruvi diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to keep essential oils at their full integrity as their scent diffuses into the air. And its chic design will look great in any room. You can pair it with the brand’s own oils to fill your space with scents like juniper and vetiver, or snag this set of 10. ($98.40, Anthropologie)

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Large indoor plants to transform your living room into a green oasis… 

Whether you’re new to plant parenthood or your green thumb is a force to be reckoned with, we rec sprucing things up with a large majesty palm, large dracaena, and/or large monstera. They only need to be watered every one to two weeks and all thrive in bright, indirect light (though some can tolerate medium to low indirect light). They come with detailed instructions on care, and several potting options to choose from — like a grow pot, upcycled pot, or burbank pot, each with a customizable saucer. ($88+, The Sill

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An indoor hammock chair that’ll channel tropical-vacay vibes... 

Hang this chair up indoors on a bolt-in ceiling hook, or snag a hammock chair stand and move it anywhere you’d like. This one comes with two cushions for your bum and back, and its hanging tassels will lend a boho vibe to your space. And customers say it’s oh-so-easy to assemble.  Plus, it comes in three different colors. Psst…make sure you purchase any needed hardware in advance, as it is sold separately. ($61.29+, Wayfair)

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A smart alarm clock with nature soundscapes to help lull you to sleep… 

It’s also a Bluetooth speaker and night-light. And with a two-phase alarm, you won't dread waking up in the morning. The first alarm gently stirs you, while the second is designed to get you out of bed. Check out our full review of the Loftie Alarm Clock here where we dive into the deets. Psst…for 15% off your purchase, use the code SKIMM15 at checkout. ($149, Loftie

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An indoor tent you’ll love as much as your kiddos will… 

Use it to recreate a camping scene in your living room, as a canopy for your bed, or as a permanent playhouse for your kids. It’s made of comfy, durable material (choose from either cotton canvas or lace), and can be used outdoors too. Plus, it comes with 13 feet of string lights, a water-resistant carry bag, and a large, round padded mat. It stands at just over 7 feet tall and measures 4 feet across, aka it can comfortably fit either two adults or five kids at once. Glamping, meet staycation. ($99.99+, Amazon)

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