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14 Nostalgic School Supplies You Should Actually Use as an Adult

Lisa Frank pencil case
Aug 27, 2020

Ah, back-to-school season. The excitement that a fresh planner and set of markers brought? Priceless. Cute folders, locker decorations, and planning your first-day outfit? The memories are flooding back…

So you’re probably not racing out of class to be first in the lunch line. That doesn’t mean being an adult has to be boring. Why not reminisce on the days of rolling backpacks? Well, these products do just that. Lace up your Skechers and get ready to spruce up your WFH space.

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A pack of gelly pens that’ll make writing your to-do list more fun…

So you may not be doodling stick figures or that pointy “S” everyone was obsessed with...but at least you can list off tasks in cool colors. Sold. ($14.90, Amazon)

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A pack of squishy pencil grips you used to bounce on your desk…

Because nothing passed the time in class like watching one of these flop around. Use ‘em for a distraction...or to get a better grip on your pen. The choice is yours. ($8.68+, Amazon)

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A four-color ballpoint pen because black ink is soooo boring…

Raise your hand if you also made one letter red, one letter green, one letter blue, and one letter black. It might take you 20 minutes to write down one note, but it’s worth it. Totally worth it. ($4.99+/set of 3, Amazon)

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A monogrammed trapper keeper to keep all your papers together…

This one is made from recycled bottles, has a see-through interior pocket, three-ring binder clips, and a zippered pouch. TBT to the days when these were all the rage. ($27, Pottery Barn Teen)

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A Lisa Frank pencil case because what screams middle school more…

If you didn’t own something with the iconic rainbow tiger design, did you even go to school? Nothing brings us back like Lisa. And as an adult, we still adore her wild colors. Immediately add to cart. ($5.98, Walmart)

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A “Magic School Bus” sticker to put on your desk water bottle…

Because Ms. Frizzle was the coolest teacher ever and you always wished you could be in her class. Or just ride on a magic school bus. ($2.99, Big Sticker Co. on Etsy)

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A pack of erasers that are just too cute to pass up…

Everyone had these in their pencil case, but did they actually erase well? Nope. We don’t care though. Bring back the memories. ($12.99/pack of 80, Amazon)

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A Mead notebook that was a school must-have back in the day…

Like one for every subject must-have. Now you can use it for your day job. Ah, how things have changed. ($2.19, Amazon)

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A pack of highlighters to go wild with…

Three pens, six colors. You used to highlight your planner like crazy. Let’s return to those roots. ($10/set of 3,

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A desktop organizer to keep all your WFH essentials tidy…

Let’s be real. Buying cute things for your desk was your favorite hobby. And now you can really get yourself together with this glass and brass four-compartment organizer. Marie Kondo would be proud. ($49, Pottery Barn Teen)

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A leopard print planner that’ll keep you on schedule…

This one doesn’t have a fixed date so you can start from wherever. It also has plenty of space for notes, to-do lists, and daily tasks. It’s got both week and month views so you’ll stay on top of it all. Go you. ($28.99, Papier)

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A sticker pack to use all over your new planner…

One can never own enough stickers. Especially ones that are about checklists and goal setting. ($11.95/set of 5, Paper Source)

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A dry erase board because you definitely had one of these in your locker…

Jot down reminders, hang memos, and even write your grocery list. Adulting 101. ($16, Urban Outfitters)

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A pack of colorful sticky notes that you’d always stick together…

Or arrange in the order of ROYGBIV. Round of applause if you can make a mini origami swan with one. ($13.99/set of 16, Amazon)

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