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11 Outdoor Games That Are Actually Fun

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Jul 31, 2020

Fact: anyone who says they’re not that competitive is … actually really competitive. Bragging rights in backyard bocce? Yes, please. 

These days, game night might be the most exciting thing about your week. And we don’t blame you. Summer is on and we’re here to play. (And win.)

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For when you’re looking to work up a sweat…

Spike it

$55.99, Amazon

Just choose your teammate wisely. And try not to get too carried away with diving. P.S. the rules are like volleyball. So it’s simple to learn. Game on.

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For when you wanna bring a game to the park picnic…

Pack a bag

$18, A Summer Shop

One side is for checkers. The other is for tic-tac-toe. All the pieces fit inside. It’s the perfect travel option.

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For when you wanna sharpen your golf game…

Practice, practice, practice

$79.99, Wayfair

Meet pong golf. You can add beer. Or water for the kids. Either way it’s a win-win for the family. Get ready to be entertained for hours.

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For when you’re looking to take game night to the next level…

Make it boozy

$119.99+, Tedious Wood Working on Etsy

Things just got a bit more … interesting. Enter: a Jenga-style game. But some pieces house surprise jello shots. The flavor of that shot is up to you. Loser will probably need an early bedtime.

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For when it’s too steamy to be anywhere but the pool…

Jump in and play

$25, Shopbop

Time to test your aim. While treading water. Sorry in advance for the workout.

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For when your crew misses the local bowling alley…

Bocce in the backyard

$35, Free People

Winner gets out of doing the dishes. Plus this set is just too cute to put away. Go ahead, leave it out on the lawn.

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For when your favorite pastime is calling people out…

Detect the BS

$19.99, Brilliant or BS

Maybe you know a bunch of random facts. Maybe you’re lying. It’s all in your poker face. This trivia game will put it to the test.

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For when you wanna upgrade to the adult version of Monopoly…

Choose Beeropoly

$35, Uncommon Goods

This board includes squares that’ll showcase your dance moves and challenge your memory. Everyone gets a turn. Bottoms up.

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For when you prefer a more relaxed game vibe…

Play yard dominoes

$60, Uncommon Goods

Bring ‘em to the beach. Or just to the backyard. It’ll be a relaxing way to unwind with family.

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For when you wanna show off your volleying skills…

Transform your table

$44, Amazon

Just attach the net. Aka, clear the dishes and go head-to-head with your rival. Whoever sends the ball into the bushes has to go get it.

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For when you make a bet with your sibling...

Toss it

$19, Birch Lane

Set up is easy and it can be played anywhere. Rack up the most points and boom. You got out of laundry duty.

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PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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