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Gift Wrapping: Presenting a Perfect Present

presenting a present - plastic bag
Nov 13, 2018

You found the gift. Now it's time for the gift wrapping. There's no time like the present...

For when you need to get organized first...

Make a mini Santa’s workshop. Just make sure it’s mobile in case you need some present privacy. Our fave is the empty wine box trick for holding wrapping paper and storing supplies. Because holidays and wine go together like Jay and Bey.

For when your nice list is long…

Practice origami. This Japanese method is a game-changer when it comes to saving time and money. It only takes 15-seconds to wrap, and two – count ‘em, two – pieces of tape. Goes a little something like:

  • Cut your wrapping paper so it hangs over your box (about 2 inches)

  • Make sure the paper is able to cover both sides of the box’s height

  • Lay your box in the middle of the sheet and flip it onto its narrow side

  • Lift the wrapping paper edge so that it wraps diagonally across your present, meeting the upper corner of the box

  • Crease the paper down, pulling the corner up so it's flush against the box

  • Repeat on the other side and tape down. Hiii, little triangle flap...

  • Folding the flap down like you would an envelope and tape

For when you don’t have a gift box...

Put away the paper. Buy holiday-themed kitchen towels or napkins and use cloth to wrap your presents. Place your gift in the center and gather up all edges. Hint: like you’re gathering your hair into a ponytail. Tie a rubber band around the cloth pony and hide it with ribbon.

For when you’re gifting something sweet…

Get horizontal. Not talking about zzzz. Lay your sweets horizontally and wrap them in cellophane. That way everyone can see the goods. Gather and tie the ends off like a bon bon (aka candy style). Psst...multiple Skimm HQ’rs use this recipe for cookie gifting.

For when you don’t have time to buy wrapping paper...

Paint an old shoebox in matte or chalkboard paint. Then, decorate the box with markers or chalk to make it presentable. Voila. PS: you can do the same with empty plastic wrap or tinfoil boxes to package smaller gifts.

For when you’re shipping it…

Fly like the reindeer. Pack it real good using the H-taping methodTape all seams along the box so that the top and bottom form the shape of a capital “H.” Hellooo, gifts that arrive safe and sound.

For when you’re obsessed with holiday candles….

Make your present smell sweet. Tie twine around your gift, and use a sprig of greenery (like rosemary) in lieu of a bow.

For when you have a lot of scraps…

The more, the merrier. Cut them into gift tags, tape them down as bows, use them to jazz up your holiday envelopes, or stuff them into the bottom of your stockings so they look full.

For when you rip the wrapping…

Claus for celebration. Embrace it and run your wrap through a paper shredder (or cut into strips) to use as gift bag stuffers. You could also crumple and stuff it into shipping boxes as festive padding.

That’s...a wrap.

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