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17 distractions you could use right now

A Nancy Meyers kitchen
Mar 30, 2020


How are you? Yeah, us too. We’ve lost track of what day it is. We haven’t worn mascara or pants that button in weeks. And we’re trying to sit near the window just to get some sun. 

These days, we’re spending most of our time Skimm’ing what you should know about COVID-19. But sometimes, we need to take breaks from the news. Guessing you do too. So every week, we’re going to send you a list of ideas to help you Press Pause — on the news, the stress, the uncertainty. 

From our couch to yours...

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  1. A Nancy Meyers inspired kitchen playlist. Add these songs to your queue for when you’re making breakfast, lunch, or your millionth snack of the day. Alexa, turn it up.

  2. 36 questions that lead to love. In 2015, a “Modern Love” writer wondered whether this list of personal questions could bring two people closer. Talk about loving the one you’re (stuck at home) with. 

  3. A new podcast. About (drum roll please) Staying In. It’s hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, the couple behind “The Big Sick.” They get what you’re going through...'cause they’re going through it too.

  4. Jane Fonda's workout video. Straight out of the ‘80s. Leg warmers and leotards encouraged, but not required.

  5. A list of TV rankings. If trendy Netflix shows aren’t your cup of tea, maybe one of these 100 best episodes of the century are. It’s from 2018, but it still holds up.

  6. “Verified Strangers.” It’s a new romance novel by Lena Dunham. But with a twist. Vogue’s releasing it chapter by chapter online. And you can vote on the outcome on IG. Get involved. 

  7. Wine. A given for this list. This guide helps you figure out the best place to order vino online. So you can stock up for your next virtual happy hour. Cheers. 

  8. Breathing...but make it an app. Whether you’re tired, anxious, or needing a cool down from your at-home workout, this app has an exercise for you. Say it with us: deep breath in...

  9. “Tiger King.” The Netflix docuseries everyone in your feed is talking about. Yes, there are tigers. A murder plot. A lot of eccentrics too.

  10. Jessica Simpson’s memoir. She gets real about marriage, dieting, alcohol abuse, and more. Oh, and it's great as an audiobook. "Newlyweds” fans, assemble.

  11. Foot masks. It’s like a face mask but for your, yep, feet. Because we know you’re not wearing shoes right now.

  12. Cards Against Humanity. Downloadable, printable, and very very playable. Because there’s no time like the present to get controversial with your roommates.

  13. The best episode of “The Office.” (At least according to a SkimmHQ Slack poll.) Hint: it’s the one that starts with a fire drill. Watch it on Netflix or Amazon, then, read an oral history of how it came to be.

  14. Dance. Like nobody’s watching. Except for your 2k closest friends and the kid you haven’t talked to since high school. This guide will teach you the most popular TikTok dances. You’ll be “Renegade”-ing in no time.

  15. A throwback comedy special. Featuring a very pregnant Ali Wong. We couldn’t stop laughing then, still can’t stop laughing now.

  16. Book chats on Instagram. With Taylor Jenkins Reid, the author of “Daisy Jones & the Six.” She gives book recs for when you’re stuck at home, and talks about how to find inspo right now. Watch it @theSkimm.

  17. Fuzzy slippers. In sandal form. So you can be business up top (hi co-workers) and party on the bottom. Staying in...but make it fashion.

From a social distance,


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