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Press Pause: British TV shows, WFH lunches and Zoom Backgrounds

Slippers & Haus
May 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in different ways. No matter your situation, sometimes you just need to press pause. Enter: our picks to help you take a break… ‎

  1. Teen dramas, ranked. High school, check. Love triangles, check. Drake, check check check. Here's a ranking of the best shows in the genre. It’s time to start bingeing ASAP. 

  2. 15 tools that’ll save you time in the kitchen. Because you’re spending 32 hours a day there, and the things on this list will make it easier. Like an egg cooker, a veggie chopper, and something to keep your counters clean AF.

  3. At-home facials. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe she followed this step-by-step guide.

  4. An emotional sweatshirt. For when you find the “I just have a lot of feelings” girl the most relatable character in “Mean Girls.”

  5. 28 Zoom backgrounds that’ll spark joy. Just because you can’t go to Yellowstone, or West Elm, or to the set of “Schitt’s Creek,” doesn’t mean your computer background can’t.

  6. A tiny space contest. Each week, the coolest, smallest homes in the world are going head-to-head to be officially named...the coolest. You can vote by tapping thumbs up or down. It’s like Tinder, but for apartments.

  7. Finding your (virtual) Soul. Live from your living room it’s...your new favorite workout routine. Every day, SoulCycle instructors are hosting exercises from their homes—no bikes required. Tune in and sweat it out.

  8. The best British TV dramas. You’ve watched “Fleabag” and “Downton Abbey.” And can’t resist a gorgeous accent or a scenic countryside. Here’s what you should stream next.

  9. Bras made for lounging. We'll give you a minute to remember what a 'bra' is. This brand makes ones that you can't even feel. Like no-wire bras, t-shirt bras, and lace bralettes. 100% not-going-anywhere approved.*

  10. 40 WFH lunch ideas. Turkey sandwiches and three-day leftovers can only take us so far. Enter these quick ideas to spice up your lunch. Brb, “Top Chef” is calling.

  11. The 10 best adult coloring books. Cray times call for cray-ons.

  12. Things to make your hair look cute on Zoom. Because haircuts were just somebody that we used to know. Say ‘hi’ to these polka-dot scrunchies, these clips, and this animal-print headband.

  13. A new food trend. First came focaccia. Then came whipped coffee. Now there’s…pancake cereal. It’s called innovation sweetie, look it up.

  14. A Vogue-approved playlist. Sarah Jessica Parker curated songs based on this year’s Met Gala theme: time. We couldn’t help but wonder… what is time anymore?

  15. Cocktails that give back. Haus partnered with chefs from famous restaurants to create Instagram-worthy apéritifs. And 100% of the proceeds go back to the restaurants. Bar cart, meet a good cause.

  16. A new internet read we loved: A look back at TV soundtracks. "Dawson’s Creek” gave us "I Don’t Want to Wait." And "The O.C." gave us "California." Here’s how shows from the early 2000s brought music to our ears.

  17. ...and an old one: On life, loneliness, and love. These are the 30 things every woman should have and know by 30.

  18. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy this week: raspberry fuzzy slippers, a brass bookmark, and taco toasters.

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