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15 Problem-Solving Products That’ll Make Your Home That Much Better

the best home problem-solving products
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Jun 30, 2022

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Home is where you spend precious time with your family and friends and possibly even work from. You’ve decorated it to your liking and paid attention to the fine details. Now what if we told you that we could make it that much better?

Enter: problem-solving home products. Aka things that’ll fix annoying little problems, keep items tidy, and help with cleaning. Add ’em to cart and watch as your space transforms into a place you’ll literally never wanna leave.

Double-sided tape for rugs that curl…

Sometimes no matter how long you leave that stack of books down, the corner of your rug will refuse to lie flat. The next time this happens, break out this heavy-duty tape you can rip with your hands. It won’t damage your floors and works on concrete, tile, wood, and laminate. If you’re looking for another option, we also rec these V-shaped pieces that’ll grip the rug and prevent slipping and sliding. ($14.49+, Amazon)

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Dishwasher attachments so your wineglasses stay securely in place…

No more worrying that one of your favorite stemmed glasses will break during a rinse cycle. These little attachments solve an annoying issue, keeping the glasses sturdy as your dishwasher runs. No tipping or toppling over. The tiny attachments are made of silicone so they won’t warp in hot water. ($14/set of 4, Amazon)

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Organization bins for your fridge and pantry…

There’s one for reusable water bottles and condiment bottles. Instead of having items strewn about, you’ll be able to gather things, helping you find exactly what you’re looking for when the time comes. ($19.99+/2 pack, Amazon)

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An acrylic makeup holder that’ll tidy up your bathroom…

If brushes are jammed into a drawer or rolling around your vanity, it’s time for an upgrade. This holder has eight compartments, perfect for separating out moisturizers, powders, mascaras, pencils, and more. If compartments get dirty, you can simply wipe the holder clean with mild soap and water. ($9.56, Amazon)

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A pack of drawer dividers so your folded clothes stop lumping together…

Neatly folded piles never stay neat. That’s just science. But these expandable dividers will help. You’ll finally be able to keep items separate. And they can work in the kitchen or bedroom. Wherever you need some division. Bless. ($12.99+/2 pack, Amazon)

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A rubber broom that’ll pick up pet hair like a dream...

The stuff of magic. It’ll work on carpet, tile, and wood floors. And doesn’t call for any water or sprays. It’ll attract hair like a magnet. The handle is expandable, too. Just in case you need to reach under couches or beds. When you’re done, place the broom under running water to wash. It’s that easy. ($12.98, Amazon)

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No-slip hangers that will keep your clothes off your closet floor…

Once you use these you’ll never go back. Made with silicone and stainless steel, these not only prevent your stuff from getting wrinkled or sliding off. But they’ll also help you save that precious rod space. Each one can hold five items (pants, scarves, towels, you name it). Guess we can take this as an excuse to go shopping now. ($16.99+/4 pack, Amazon)

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A tiny gadget that’ll prevent your hair from clogging the shower drain…

No more standing in murky puddles. It sits inside the drain and catches all the hair you seem to lose while washing. Plus, it won’t block water flow. And it takes one second to clean. Quick and painless. ($12.95+, Amazon)

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Silicone air fryer liners that’ll make cleanup easy…

Using your beloved cooking appliance just got even better. Use these and protect your air fryers from any food residue, grease, and grime. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe, nontoxic, and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees. And because you’ll be using a reusable liner instead of the paper ones, you’ll be helping the planet too. What a win. ($19.99+, Amazon)

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A collapsible dishwasher rack that’ll sit over the sink for drying…

Introducing your new favorite space-saver. It’s got a built-in utensil caddy and lots of strength to support heavier pots and lids. You can pull it out once the dishes are washed and then stow it away when they’re dry. Hello, some much-needed counter space. ($33.75, Food52)

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Microwavable glass cookware that’ll make your kitchen time way more enjoyable…

Because time is of the essence and sometimes you just need a homemade meal cooked quickly. Everything is dishwasher-safe and can go straight from the microwave to your table. The starter set comes with one shallow and one deep bowl, both with silicone-lined glass lids that allow for steam cooking. ($55+, Anyday)

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Garbage-disposal tablets that’ll keep yours smelling fresh…

When you’ve got odors wafting out, making your kitchen smell less than ideal, drop one of these in. Just keep the hot water running on low, toss in a tablet, turn on the disposal for 30 seconds, and watch as foam rises. You can do it monthly to make sure there’s no leftover grime, oil, and, and grease sitting in a place where you can’t see it. ($9.99/9 pack Amazon)

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A seat cushion for desk or kitchen chairs that are incredibly uncomfy…

Say hello to a truly plush experience. This cushion is ideal for hard seats and stools, especially those you plan to sit on for a few hours. It’s designed to cradle your tailbone, stay temperature-neutral, and withstand long-term use. The cushion cover has an anti-slip bottom and can easily be removed when it needs washing. ($84, Purple)

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A bed tucker for those with limited mobility…

Getting your fitted and top sheets perfectly tucked can be hard. If your mattress is extremely’s even harder. This tool is a simple fix for those who may not have full range of motion and can’t lift up their bed while simultaneously trying to get their sheets underneath. It’ll do a majority of the work for you. ($24.99+, Amazon)

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A plunger that’ll get the job done and looks pretty chic…

Didn’t think a plunger could look this good, did ya? The sleek and sanitary drip tray makes tough jobs way less icky, plus the colorful acrylic handle adds a lil’ bit of playful whimsy in an unexpected place. Get one for your bathroom and never again face an embarrassing moment. ($32, Staff)

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