17 Products That’ll Make Working From Home Easier

Published on: May 14, 2020fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
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Since the pandemic started, work from home has become the norm for many people. At first you were sitting on your bed or couch, and then quickly realized — yep, I need an actual setup. Like one that makes you feel productive. And doesn’t make your back cry. So we rounded up some things that are WFH must-haves. Water cooler chatter not included.

For when your commute is from one side of the bed to the other…
Laptop Desk
Bring the office to you
$55.99, Amazon

This tray lets you keep your laptop at eye level. So you won’t have to strain your neck. Oh, and it features a drawer and air holes. Aka, no more overheating on your lap.

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For when you don’t even know what day it is anymore…
Molly Hatch Banner
Hang a reminder
$24, Molly Hatch

Sometimes surrounding yourself with positive messages gets the job done. A little joy goes a long way.

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For when you’ve got a wire jungle forming underneath your desk…
Cable Clips
Use cable clips
$9.99/set of 6, The Container Store

These clips are peel-and-stick and will hold each wire in its place. So your charger won’t go flying if you unplug your laptop. Phew.

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For when your eyes ache from staring at your laptop screen…
Zenni Glasses
Block blue light
$9.95+, Zenni

You’re probably looking at your screen more these days, considering even a gossip sesh with your work-wife requires Zooming. These glasses filter out blue wavelengths that are said to cause things like dryness, blurred vision, and headaches. Eyes = protected.

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For when you’re on a deadline but can’t stop responding to the group text…
Hourglass Timers
Set a timer
$34/set of 3, Erin Condren

This trio of hourglasses will set time limits (10, 20, or 30 minutes). So you can actually get work done. While taking your office decor game to the next level. Win, win.

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For when you need a change of pace from sitting all day…
Standing Desk NEW
Get on your feet
$219.99, Wayfair

With a standing desk, of course. This one is mobile so you can take it into different rooms. And adjustable so you can find the right height. It also features a separate keyboard tray. Who says standing desks can’t have it all.

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For when your mouse and kitchen table don’t get along…
Mouse Pad Set
Help it glide
$9.35+, Etsy

And get the support your wrists need. This set features two rests (keyboard, too). Kiss that weird soreness goodbye.

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For when you’re always nervous that your video will turn on before you’re ready… 
Webcam Covers NEW
Get a little privacy
$6.99/set of 2, Amazon

Pop on a webcam cover, and feel free to roam about the cabin. Then slide it over when you’re ready to say ‘hey’ on your company-wide video call.

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For when you can barely see your work through all those finger smudges…
Screen Cleaner
Spritz and wipe
$12.95, The Grommet

Laptop screen? Check. Phone screen? Check. Glasses? Also check. Just mist and clean with the built-in microfiber cloth. The gentle cleaning spray kills up to 99% of bacteria. Good as new.

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For when your coffee table now doubles as your office space…
Poppin Organizer
Clear the clutter
$19.99, The Container Store

With an all-in-one organizer. You can fit folders, pens, a notepad, and the TV remote. Plus, it even has a wire hole so you can charge your phone as you work. Ta-da.

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For when you find nothing more satisfying than crossing items off your to-do list...
Anthro Notepad
Pick up a pen
$16, Anthropologie

This pad lets you track important tasks, reminders, and even your water intake. Your daily schedule never looked so good.

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For when you swear the scent of eucalyptus gets you through the day...
Freshen up the air
$31.96, The Apollo Box

This mini humidifier will disperse your favorite scent. It can run for up to eight hours, too. And has a safety auto-off function if the water gets low. Home office meets home spa.

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For when your dining room chair is causing some serious back issues…
Desk Chair
Upgrade to mesh
$105.99, Wayfair

This chair will make a full day of work less painful. It’ll provide lumbar support with a vented backrest and contoured seat. You can also control tilt and height. Time to customize.

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For when you need to make the most out of the chair you already own…
Chair Pillow NEW
Add a pillow
$24.95+, Amazon

This pillow is designed to relieve lower back pressure. By keeping your spine in an ideal posture. Solutions, here we come.

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For when you need to charge five devices at once…
Charging Hub
All hail the hub
$29.95+, The Grommet

You can choose between three, five, or seven USB ports. So you’ll never have to deal with a ‘low battery’ warning again. Or devices connected to different outlets. It’s your new one-stop shop.

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For when you forget the one thing you swore you wouldn’t...
Sticky Notes
Jot it down
$14.95, Paper Source

Organize your brain closet. With sticky notes. Use ‘em to bookmark mail and remind yourself what’s due by EOD. Oh, just don’t tell people at your high school reunion that you invented them.

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For when you can no longer use your office printer for your Amazon return labels...
Printer (NEW)
Get your own
$114.91, Walmart

This one is small enough to fit on a shelf or underneath your desk. Oh, and it prints double-sided so you can save paper.

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