14 Products That’ll Motivate You to Get Outside

products to get you outside and moving
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Amazon, L.L. Bean, Urban Outfitters
Oct 2, 2020

In many states, winter this year brought lots of snow and freezing temps. We've also been inside for what feels like years (thanks, pandemic). So by now we're itching to get out. Fresh air? We don't know her.

Oh, but before you head out, don’t forget to wear your mask and apply sunscreen. And if you're feeling a bit lazy, consider the positives. Research shows getting outside can be good for your health. So get moving.

An activity and heart rate tracker to inspire your morning walks…

It can measure number of steps, distance walked, hourly activity, active minutes, and calories burned. It’s also swim-proof, can recognize actions like biking, and can provide insight into your sleep cycle. It’ll connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you can even receive notifications. ($79.95, Amazon)

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A pair of leggings for outdoor adventures…

Moisture-wicking, breathable, and comfortable. You can wear them while on-the-go, and then transition to the couch. You’ll never wanna take them off. ($20, Target)

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A disposable camera to capture spring flowers in bloom…

Just point and shoot. You can drop the film at your local drugstore to be developed. Like the good old days. It’s that easy. ($18, Urban Outfitters)

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A cooler bag for weekend picnics at the park…

Keep food and beverages cold while you take in the scenery. This bag has recycled PVC lining and leather handles. Not to mention it’s v cute. ($79, Free People)

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A waterproof blanket to rest your new cooler on…

And to keep you dry from dewy grass. It’s also fade-resistant, so you can keep it out in the sun for hours without damaging the design. So feel free to pack a few courses. ($79.20, Society6)

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A day pack for hikes and road trips…

It weighs 14 ounces, but can hold up to 100 pounds. It’s made of nylon fabric, so it won’t rip. And features padded shoulder straps and tons of pockets. Aka, it’s perfect. ($49.95, L.L.Bean)

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A beginner’s birdwatching book for those who want a new hobby...

Learn about 48 North American birds, like the blue jay, hummingbird, and mourning dove. You’ll be able to record your sightings and get info about habitat, nesting, and eating habits. No more winging it. ($6.43, Bookshop)

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A watercolor set to inspire your next landscape portrait…

Set up your easel outside with this travel kit of 42 colors. It folds out 180-degrees so you can see all the colors at once. It also comes with three water-dispensing brushes so you don’t need to pack a water cup. Boom. ($14.99, Amazon)

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A guide to the National Parks so you can see the sights…

The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Zion to name a few. Each page of this coffee table book will bring a new place to explore, new sights to see, and a ton of fun facts. ($22.49, Target)

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A gardening kit to help you grow some spring and summer veggies…

Get outside with this kit that features five tools and a compact seat. You’ll get a large trowel, small trowel, garden fork, cultivator, and weeder. ($82, Food52)

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A camping journal so you can plan your next trip…

It features an RV info page, a packing list, location bucket list, scavenger hunt games, and sticker page. It’ll keep you organized while you’re on the road. Buckle up. ($22.50, Taylor George Designs on Etsy)

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An insulated water bottle to keep you hydrated…

Whether you’re moving or just having a meal outdoors, you should always have a water bottle with you. This one holds 17-ounces, can keep beverages hot for 18 hours, and cold for 36 hours. Bottoms up. ($35, S’well)

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A yoga mat so you can do your morning stretches on the deck…

Why stay indoors when you can get some sunshine and fresh air? Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen. ($39.20, Society6)

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An adventure box to help kids get outdoors…

Aka, less screen time and more go-time. Every month they’ll get new activities and outdoor gear. Plus each box is themed, like nighttime exploration and building shelters. ($36.50/month, Think Outside Boxes on Cratejoy)

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A pair of roller skates so you can get in on the Instagram fad…

Throw on some pads and get moving. It may not be easy, but it’ll be worth it. ($139, Urban Outfitters)

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