Your Most-Purchased Home Products of the Year So Far

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our best-selling home products of 2021Design: theSkimm | Photo: Blueland, Amazon

Happy July, everyone. It feels like we blinked and there went half of 2021. We took a look back at the last six months and one thing became abundantly clear. Skimm'rs (hey, that’s you) couldn’t get enough of all things home-related. From cleaning to decorating to making sure your space was as cozy as possible.

What products came out on top? We’re glad you asked. We rounded up everything you loved the most. And also threw in some personal faves. Just to make sure you didn’t miss a single beat.

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shoe organizers
Shoe organizers to help you get a handle on the shoe explosion in your closet...

Instead of placing your shoes side by side on a rack, these slots let you store them on top of each other. You can adjust each individual unit to four different heights. So you can fit your tallest heels and flattest sneakers and everything in between. The slots have grooves on them that’ll prevent your shoes from falling off. Plus it’s made of nontoxic material and can be cleaned easily with water and soap. Stack, stack, stack it up. ($33.99, Amazon)

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laundry products
Scent-sational laundry products that smell like a garden of roses...

And geraniums. And jasmine. The Laundress worked with world-class perfumers to create the freshest scent for their No.723 collection. So your detergent, fabric conditioner, and fabric freshener will (actually) turn heads. Here’s 25% off.* (Prices vary, The Laundress)

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home air purifier
An air purifier to get rid of pet hair, pollen, dust, mold spores, and bad odors…

So you can breathe easily when you snooze. No more sneezing or coughing. It’s got three fan speeds, a timer feature, and an indicator light so you know when the filter needs to be changed. Inhale, exhale. ($99.99, Amazon)

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rubber-tipped broom for collecting pet hair
A rubber-tipped broom that’ll pick up pet hair like a dream...

The stuff of magic. It’ll work on carpet, tile, and wood floors. And doesn’t call for any water or sprays. It’ll attract hair like a magnet. The handle is expandable, too. Just in case you need to reach under couches or beds. When you’re done, place the broom under running water to wash. It’s that easy. ($12.44, Amazon)

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wooden drawer dividers
A pack of drawer dividers so your folded clothes stop lumping together…

Neatly folded piles never stay neat. That’s just science. But these expandable dividers will help with that. You’ll finally be able to keep items separate. And they can work in the kitchen or bedroom. Wherever you need some division. Bless. ($29.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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drawer inserts with compartments for socks, bras, and underwear
And drawer inserts that’ll keep your bras and underwear separate...

Just pop ‘em in and get folding. They’re made of mold-proof fabric and will make putting away laundry and finding your matching items so much easier. Each piece features different compartment sizes for your scarves, ties, underwear, bras, and more. No more socks gone rogue. ($14.97, Amazon)

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mop and broom wall mount
A mop and broom rack, because piling them in a tiny closet isn’t cutting it...

It’s time to mount them. The slots will hold your Swiffer and mops off the floor, while the hooks can house towels, dustpans, and brushes. You get your closet back, and all your cleaning supplies finally get a resting place that isn’t a dusty corner. ($10.99, Amazon)

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zippered fabric bags to store clothes and towels
Zippered fabric bags to store all your seasonal and bulky items...

These have a reinforced handle sewn in so you’ll be able to lift your heaviest stuff without throwing out your back or ripping the bags apart. And when they’re not in use, you can easily fold them up and hide them away. Plus they’re made of eco-friendly, breathable material. Looks like our winter comforters finally found their summer home. ($19.99+/3 pack, Amazon)

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s-shaped hangers to gain more closet space
A set of S-shaped hangers that’ll make space for more clothes...

Once you use these you’ll never go back. Made with silicone and stainless steel, the hangers not only prevent your stuff from getting wrinkled or sliding off. But they’ll also help you save that precious rod space. Each hanger can hold five items (pants, scarves, towels, you name it). Guess we can take this as an excuse to go shopping now. ($16.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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cotton weighted blanket
A weighted blanket to help you achieve a more restful sleep…

Because tossing and turning = bad Zzz’s. Evenly distributed weight can produce a deeper sleep, with more serotonin and less cortisol. Aka less stress. Bonus: it’s made from very soft cotton (and not the tiny artificial beads found in many weighted blankets), so it’s a must-have. ($249+, Bearaby)

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colorful ridged pillar candles
Striped pillar candles that’ll look dreamy on any table…

Made from a blend of soy wax and white beeswax, these candles have a burn time of about 14 hours. Each is handmade and unique. Use them as a centerpiece or as decor around your home. They’ll be eye-catching no matter where you place them. ($14.45, CaiCai Handmade on Etsy)

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white globe string lights
Globe string lights to upgrade your patio…

You can’t sit outside and enjoy a meal in the dark. So light up your patio (or tiny apartment terrace) with these. They’re 25 feet long and have 25 globes total. A dreamy night spent under the stars? Check. ($28.99, Wayfair)

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cleaning kit with refillable spray bottles
An eco-friendly cleaning kit for anyone who is overwhelmed with options…

You’ll get a multi-surface cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, and a glass/mirror cleaner.  Plus a set of shatterproof, reusable bottles. So once you purchase, you’ll just need to replenish with tablets. The tablets can be combined with water to create more solution, so you won’t need to keep tossing bottle after bottle. ($29, Blueland)

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colorful floor pillow
A floor pillow to provide some extra outdoor seating…

If you want to outfit your outdoor space with cute seating that isn’t bulky, a floor cushion will do the trick. This one is both fade- and water-resistant. And made from a durable polyester. Aka it can be left outside and you don’t have to worry about it. Phew. ($67.99, Society6)

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bamboo laptop desk
A bamboo laptop desk that’ll bring the office to you...

For when your commute is from one side of the bed to the other. This tray lets you keep your laptop at eye level. So you won’t have to  strain your neck. Oh, and it features a drawer and air holes. No more overheating on your lap. ($39, Amazon)

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toilet stool to help with posture
A toilet stool that can improve your bowel health…

Not the prettiest thought...but the height of this stool shifts the angle of your body while you’re on the toilet so you’ll be able to go more comfortably. Instead of sitting (like you do now), you’ll be in more of a squat position. So you can release more easily. Goodbye, straining. ($69, Tushy)

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smart plugs so you can voice-control devices
A pack of smart plugs that’ll let you voice-control what you want…

Use it for lamps, fans, humidifiers, or kitchen appliances. You can connect the plugs to your home WiFi system via the downloadable phone app. And then add the devices you want to control. The plugs are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. So you can voice-control items quickly and easily. If you’re in bed upstairs but wanna turn the lights off downstairs, you can switch everything off via the app. Easy. ($24.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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countertop aerogarden to grow herbs and spices in your kitchen
An AeroGarden so you can easily grow your favorite herbs…

You’ll receive six pods to start out with: Genovese basil, parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint. From there, the growing process is pretty simple. The AeroGarden will remind you when to add water and plant food (also included). And it’ll control how much light is provided to the plants and when. No green thumb required. ($140.72+, Amazon)

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cordless scrubbing brush
A cordless spin scrubber that’ll fight tough stains for you…

Whether it be in the bathroom or kitchen. It can tackle grime in the shower, or stained countertops and floors. It comes with four different shaped brush heads and has an extendable handle. Ready, set, shine. ($69.99+, Amazon)

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washing machine cleaning tablets
Tablets that’ll help out if your freshly washed clothes still smell a bit dirty…

Clean the machine. Make sure your washer is empty before dropping in a tablet. Then run the machine normally. The tablet will dissolve and absorb odors and residue left over from past washes. Boom. ($9.98+/5 tablets, Amazon)

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no scrub shower spray
A shower spray ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the day cleaning...

We’re talking spray and rinse. Which makes things super easy. Yep, no scrubbing or wiping. This formula is designed to remove mold, mildew, soap scum, and grime. It’s truly a dream. ($16.43, Amazon)

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