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Skimm Her Life: How Jennifer Weiner Spends Her Downtime

Skimm Her Life: Jennifer Weiner
Jun 3, 2021

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This week we’ve got author and Skimm HQ fave Jennifer Weiner. Her new book, “That Summer,” recently dropped — and she’s sharing her can’t-live-without products, dream book club guests, and more... 

Smartest purchase I made recently...I went on a solo bikepacking trip and invested in some Rhinowalk panniers. They’re big, sturdy, waterproof, and bright yellow with reflectors for high visibility. I was very grateful to have them when it dumped down rain my first day out as I pedaled up toward the Continental Divide. I got wet but my stuff stayed dry.

Dream book club guests and book...I’m obsessed with the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. I’d love to sit down with her and talk plot, characters, how to keep a story going, and the sex scenes across the books. 

Last TV series I binged...During the pandemic, my husband and I decided to watch all the prestige TV that we’d missed. We watched “Mad Men” and are now halfway through “The Americans,” which is so great. 

Best book I’ve read recently…“The Plot” by Jean Hanff Korelitz. 

Product I keep adding to cart...Godiva hazelnut coffee. Also: the Linnea Terrazzo mint scented candle. I bought one on a whim and it immediately became my favorite candle ever. It smells delicious — sweet and a little spicy, like the essence of a spring morning, without being overpowering. It comes in a pretty reusable container, and it’s not insanely expensive. 

Self-care product I swear by...I’m crap at makeup, and sometimes my makeup artist (aka my 13-year-old daughter) isn’t available to help. I recently discovered Falscara (thanks, TikTok), and for the first time I was able to get some lashes in and not look like I was drunk.

Book I want to see turned into a movie or TV show...If I can’t pick one of my own, then I wish someone would make a movie of Meg Elison’s Unnamed Midwife trilogy. I loved the story of a woman wandering a post-apocalyptic world and handing out lifesaving birth control.

Pssst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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