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Skimm Her Life: How Radio City Rockette Tiffany Griffin Spends Her Downtime

Skimm Her Life: Tiffany Griffin
Photo: MSG Entertainment | Design: theSkimm
Nov 23, 2021

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This week we’ve got Radio City Rockette Tiffany Griffin here to share some her fave self-care recs, skincare essentials, and more.

Smartest purchase I’ve made recently...I bought a massaging foot bath and add ice cubes to make it an ice bath. After a long day of dancing in 3-inch heels in the Christmas Spectacular, it’s the most amazing thing ever.

Product(s) I keep adding to cart...I’m obsessed with this Clinique moisturizing lotion for daytime, and this Youth to the People mask for nighttime. Both of these keep my dry skin super moisturized without causing breakouts, despite the stage makeup I wear up to four times per day.

A no-fail gift idea under $50...I’m really into Stagedoor Candle Co. Every candle smells incredible, and I love that they’re inspired by musicals and shows. 

Best hack for keeping my skin healthy...Washing my face every morning and night. I’ve used Cetaphil cleanser for a long time and I love how it gently takes my makeup off without drying out my skin. [PS: We’ve got some super-helpful makeup remover and face-wash tips here.]

Best piece of career advice someone ever gave me...Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Your journey is yours to own, and what you bring is special. 

What’s always in my gym bag...My mini foam roller. After performing in up to four shows each day, rolling at the end of the night helps my muscles reset and get ready for the next day.

Something I always have in my dressing room...I love a good pair of cozy slippers

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Tiffany's answers are hers alone and do not represent an endorsement of the Radio City Rockettes, the Christmas Spectacular, or Radio City Music Hall.

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