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9 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces to Upgrade Your Living Room

9 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces to Upgrade Your Living Room
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Aug 19, 2022

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We get it. Rent is high, space is limited, and maybe you find yourself eating dinner on your couch instead of at a dining room table. But even if clutter seems inevitable, it doesn’t have to be. Enter: multifunctional furniture that’ll save you space and give your living room a lil’ upgrade. Like a transforming table, storage ottoman, Murphy wall bed, and more. Home-org goals, here you come: We’ve also got recs for multifunctional kitchen products, closet-organization essentials, and items to get your small bathroom in order. 

A transforming table perfect for spontaneous dinner parties… 

Hosting your next get-together in your small space just got a whole lot easier. Enter: this extendable table. At its smallest, it can sit up to six people comfortably — two on the ends and four on the sides. But with an added middle slab, a dinner table for six turns into one for eight (or a slightly smushed 10). It’s made from solid acacia wood and comes mostly assembled — all you have to do is attach the legs. It also comes with the option of a two-, three-, or five-year warranty that’ll cover any repairs or replacements with no extra fees to you. Happy dining. ($899, Castlery)

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A Murphy wall bed if you tend to have frequent visitors… 

So they won’t have to sleep on your white couch or an uncomfortable blow-up mattress. This one comes in three different wood finishes and can fit either a full or queen bed. As a queen size, it’ll reach over 7 feet in height and can accommodate a mattress up to 10 inches thick. Both the queen and full-sized frames weigh over 300 pounds, so make sure you plan assembly accordingly; customers note that the bed frame comes in three different boxes and takes around five hours to fully put together. BTW, your mattress will need to be purchased separately. If you’re looking for a comfy, affordable option, try this HQ’r fave memory foam bed. ($960+, Wayfair)

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A coffee table that can double as a dinner table in smaller spaces…  

Thanks to its lifting table top and four slide-under stools. This set’s got storage galore since each 14 x 17 x 17-inch stool has a lid. Store anything from throws or odds and ends to placemats and table accessories — or whatever else might come in handy during dinner time. Pro tip: If you’ve got wood or tiled floors, you might want to remove the wheels from the stools as they can scuff up your floor and slide easily while you’re seated. ($1,289.99, Wayfair)

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A bookcase with a built-in seat…  

Perfect for the little reader in your life. This bookshelf has six individual cubbies so you can store their books or toys, and two shelf spaces great for a reading lamp or night-light. It comes in three different wood finishes and with a comfy cotton cushion so they can sit for hours. If you think your little one will need more storage options for their collection, snag the bookcase and bookshelf combo for lots more space. ($93.57+, Amazon)

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A magazine storage seat that can transform into a WFH desk…  

All you have to do is place it on its side and voila: You’ve got a portable laptop stand. When you don’t need an elevated desk, set your little one up with a small chair so they can eat, doodle, or read on its surface. It comes in four different finishes (birch, walnut, black laminate or white laminate) and requires no out-of-box assembly. ($269, 2Modern)

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An L-shaped desk for double the workspace when you need it… 

This one’s got two pull-out surfaces in a nesting design so when it’s opened up, you’ll be able to work on one leg and have space for all your important projects — or your lunch — on the other. The top surface has wheels for easy opening and closing and a lockable caster to make sure it stays in place. Grab it in a white or brown wood finish and choose from the option to tack on a five-year protection plan. ($157.99+, Wayfair)

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A hidden litter box that can double as an end table… 

So you can maximize vertical space and won’t have to worry about hiding or moving the kitty litter when guests are over. This one’s got over 26 inches of interior space to store your cat’s litter box and any extras. It also comes with a removable and adjustable interior panel meant to prevent litter from being kicked out of the box. We rec laying down a litter mat to trap any stray particles for extra tidiness. ($149.99, Petco)

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A round ottoman perfect for storing your throw blankets… 

This one’s got 18 inches of storage depth and a cushion top for comfy seating. It can hold up to 225 pounds and has a solid pine wood base with a natural finish. Pair it with matching decorative throws or a boucle ottoman as a makeshift coffee table. ($152.99, Wayfair)

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A storage bench perfect for stashing your throw blankets and board games… 

It comes in two faux leather options and four polyester ones, and it’s got 15 inches of storage depth. A removable bin makes it easy to collect and store your remotes and other small items around the room, and the padded lid makes for a comfy spot to rest. Plus, it’s great for smaller spaces since it can fold in on itself when you’re not using it. Pro tip: If you’ve got a dog, put one in your entryway and use it to store your shoes and their walking supplies — like leashes, water bowls, and treats. ($34+, Amazon)

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