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The Best Vote Merch to Match Your ‘I Voted’ Sticker

vote merch to wear this election season
Laura Wright
Oct 2, 2020

2020 has been a monumental year for many reasons. And one of the biggest ones is approaching on November 3rd. So here’s your reminder to register. And to check in with those around you to...make sure they’ve registered, too. 

We also rounded up a ton of vote merch to get you in the mood. The spirit. The mindset. Because every ballot matters.

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A yellow gold stud to up your ear game…

But gets (even) better. Twenty percent of the purchase price will be donated to When We All Vote, a non-profit organization working to increase participation in every election. ($35, Studs)

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A face mask since it’s the new must-have accessory of the year…

Remember to wash after each use. And keep in mind: this is not a medical-grade mask. (It’s made of two soft layers of polyester.) ($12.49, Redbubble)

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A necklace that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment…

It combines the word ‘vote’ with the female symbol, honoring women’s suffrage and those that started the movement so many years ago. Five dollars from every purchase goes toward the League of Women Voters. ($50, Uncommon Goods)

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A t-shirt designed to promote equal rights for all…

Because every voice counts. This shirt was created by Black artist and Gap employee, Stephennie Factor. And as part of the Gap Collective, this shirt celebrates activism and showcasing artists from around the world. ($24.99, Gap)

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A pair of tie-dye biker shorts that combine two major fads of 2020…

Well, three when you include the most stylish thing of Until November 4th, twenty percent of net sales go toward When We All Vote. So add to cart. ($85, Revolve)

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A beaded bracelet handmade in Ngong Hills, Kenya…

It comes in a ton of different colors. And can be stacked with other options. Plus every purchase supports sustainable, full-time employment for workers in Kenya. ($16, Ubuntu Life)

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A rhinestone bobby pin to rock on your next Zoom call…

Have you registered to vote yet? Has your family? What about friends? Let this hair accessory help spread the word. ($29, Kitsch)

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A shirt that comes with the cutest iron-on patches…

Get ready to DIY. This cotton shirt (did we mention it’s incredibly soft), comes with five embroidered patches. They can even be added to a jean jacket. Oh, and they were inspired by vintage Girl Scout patches. We love. ($55, M.M.LaFleur)

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A flower necklace you can wear to the polls…

Ten percent of all proceeds go toward I Am a Voter, a public awareness campaign aimed at motivating people of all backgrounds to get involved. No matter age, race, or ethnicity. ($42, Baublebar)

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A tote you can use literally every day…

And that does a lot of good. Each purchase donates 10 school meals to kids in need and makes a donation to When We All Vote. ($38, Feed)

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. 

PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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