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12 Things That’ll Keep You From Freezing This Winter

products that'll keep you warm during winter
Z Supply
Dec 4, 2020

Winter (in some places) means snow, chilly temps, and avoiding the great outdoors. Running a basic errand? No, thank you. Setting your thermostat a little too high and sitting on the couch seems more like it.

Which is why we’re here to help you and your home stay warm during the coldest months of the year. You’d rather not run up your heat bill, but you do wanna stay nice and toasty throughout the day. We’ve got you covered.

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A set of draft stoppers to place at the bottom of doors around your home…

Keep the heat in and the cold out. They’ll also work to reduce noise and prevent some creepy crawlers from entering (looking at you, spiders). You can cut them to fit your particular door size and they’ll adhere via the sticky sealing strip on the back. ($6.49+, Amazon)

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A llama heating pad that’ll shake off any chill…

Filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender, you can pop this heating pad in the microwave for instant warmth. Take it to bed with you or just hold it while lounging on the couch. It’s the perfect lil buddy during the winter months. ($29, Urban Outfitters)

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A portable space heater to place underneath your WFH station…

It can be set to low or high heat to keep you warm as you type away. It’ll also turn from side to side to spread heat evenly around your desk. But to keep you safe, it’ll automatically shut off if it tips over or reaches a certain degree. ($29.99, Amazon)

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A pair of Ugg slippers to your feet cozy at all times…

Because we can all agree that having cold feet is the worst feeling when you’re trying to relax. About to watch a movie? Slippers. Working from your kitchen table? Slippers. These are made from water-resistant suede with leather laces and a wool lining. The rubber sole means you can keep ‘em on as you scurry outside to get the mail. ($99.95, Zappos)

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A pack of toe and hand warmers for any outside winter activity…

All you’ve gotta do is open to activate. The hand ones stay warm for up to 10 hours, while the toe ones can keep their heat for six hours. They’re small enough to slip inside gloves, or keep right at the front of a boot. No phalange left behind. ($29.95, L.L.Bean)

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A chunky-knit throw to blanket burrito yourself in…

If you’re sitting on the couch and don’t have a blanket draped over you, are you even lounging? Seriously. ($49.50, Grandin Road)

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A tie-dye loungewear set because wearing shorts around the house is a no…

If you’re not in PJs, you wanna be in loungewear. And that’s that. These bottoms have a matching pullover. And are exactly the right amount of 2020 trendy. Yep, you’re finally buying in. ($64, Z Supply)

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A shag rug to soften up any room…

Yes, wood floors are a decorator’s dream. But freezing wood floors are not so enjoyable in the morning. Add this rug to your bedroom or living room to make your space feel way less sterile. ($28.30+, Rugs USA)

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A set of blackout curtains that’ll help insulate a room…

They’ll let in less light and noise for a better sleep at night. And on the other hand, you’ll help insulate windows where a lot of heat can escape. It’s a small fix to a bedroom, but can reap big rewards. And we’re into that. ($27.14+, The Home Depot)

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A Crock-Pot slow cooker that’ll whip up delicious meals…

With minimal effort on your end. Just clean and add your ingredients, set the countdown clock, and violà. The inner stoneware pot can hold 7 quarts, so it’s big enough to serve the entire fam. Once the food is done cooking, the slow cooker will automatically shift to the ‘warm’ setting. Easy peasy. ($44.99, Kohl’s)

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A textured sherpa and faux mink reversible comforter for colder than cold nights…

Like sleeping on a cloud. One side has sherpa. One side has faux mink. Both are incredibly soft to the touch. No bad dreams here. ($96.99+, Wayfair)

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A pair of fuzzy gloves that have touchscreen tips…

So you can still text or take a pic without having to remove a glove. The horror. ($18, Urban Outfitters)

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