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16 Things That’ll Make Your Morning Routine Faster and Easier

products that'll save you time during your morning routine
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Oct 30, 2020

Picture it: Your alarm goes off. It’s (insert wakeup time here) and you’ve got about 100 things to do before heading out the door if you're commuting or hopping into your first Zoom meeting of the day.

So little time, so much to get through. That’s why we’re bringing you things that’ll hack your morning routine. Shave a few minutes here, trim a few seconds there. You’re welcome.

This post was originally published in October 2020 but has recently been updated.

A water bottle with a handy pill compartment so you never forget to take your vitamins…

No more “I’ll take them later” attitude. Because later = forgetting. The cap doubles as a cup, too. So you’re never stuck looking for water while a pill melts in your mouth. ($19.95, The Grommet)

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A dry shampoo so you can skip the shower on the days you just can’t…

We don’t blame you. This one can extend the life of a blowout, reduce oil production, and keep your hair feeling fresh. No shower, no shame. ($24, Briogeo)

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A workout app for those who can’t dedicate an entire hour to sweating…

Very little time in the morning, much to do. But with this app, you’ll get a ton of timed workouts that only take seven minutes. The trick? They’re scientifically designed for you to get the most out of the allotted time. Feel the burn. (Free to download from the App Store)

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A tool that makes iced coffee in less than 60 seconds…

We’re not lying. It also works on other drinks like alcohol, soda, and tea. All you’ve got to do is freeze the cooler overnight. Then in the morning, pour in your freshly made drip coffee and boom – instantly cold. ($24.99, Amazon)

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An automatic pet feeder that’ll actually remember to feed the dog…

Don’t lie – we’ve all forgotten once or twice. With this device, you can fill up five days worth of food in one shot. It’ll rotate at the same time every day (you program it), only exposing one portion of food a day. So your pupper can get his fix without waiting on you. ($54.95, Chewy)

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An egg cooker that’ll provide a nutritious breakfast with minimal effort...

Choose your preferred style (hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, or omelette) and set the timer. Then jump in the shower while your breakfast is cooking. The device will switch off when it’s all done. Eggcellent. ($16.87+, Amazon)

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A set of bands that’ll hold fitted sheets in place even when you toss and turn...

No more pulling the corners down throughout the night. And no more extensive bed remaking in the morning. Solutions, solutions. ($12.99, Amazon)

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A simple tool that can give you a salon-worthy blowout at home….

Minimal time in the morning calls for minimal effort. A hair dryer and brush in one, this styles, dries, and volumizes with one easy flick of the wrist. Strong bristles also help to detangle bed-headed locks. Three heat settings and one cool setting ensure that your morning style lasts all day. Easy peasy. ($34.88+, Amazon)

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A smart plug that can voice control devices like lights and coffee makers...

The plug is compatible with Alexa. So you can say, “Alexa turn on the bathroom light” before hopping in the shower. Small hacks, coming right up. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A set of nesting trays to house your most essential items…

Like your car keys, wallet, and phone. So you’ve got a dedicated home for them. And can stop frantically looking when you need to be out the door. ($46/set of 3, Open Spaces)

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A set of wall hooks for your face coverings…

Because you can’t leave the house without one. And it’s a pain to waste time looking for one each morning. Now you can keep them by the door. Safety before fun. ($7.81, Best Hardware Store on Etsy)

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An alarm clock that makes waking up a little bit more bearable…

Because hitting snooze over and over is exhausting. And it cuts into your precious time. With seven colors to choose from, this sunrise alarm clock gradually brightens  30 minutes before your alarm. If you’re sharing with a partner or are just a heavy sleeper, you can set a second alarm. For all the bookworms out there, this alarm clock also doubles as a reading light — perfect for winding down. ($39.08+, Amazon)

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A 2-in-1 body wash and scrub that will cut down your shower routine…

The key to more time? Two steps turned into one. This sulfate-free body wash and scrub kicks off your day ahead and is safe for sensitive skin. While rosewater soothes and hydrates, its gentle sea salt exfoliation means it can be used weekly. Your AM shower is now a hop, skip, and a jump. So fresh, so clean. ($5.74, Amazon)

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A container that makes packing snacks thought-free..

Chips and guac. Hummus and veggies. Nothing feels worse than forgetting your favorite snacks after heading out the door. This simple prep container packs midday munchies in a pinch. ($6.99, Amazon)

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A mini ice roller for brightening sleepy eyes…

In the morning, it’s all about the priorities. Sometimes you don’t have time to ice roll your entire face. A mini roller just for de-puffing the eyes will do the trick. Psst...this little roller isn’t just great for soothing morning eyes. It can also reduce redness and tighten pores. If sinus pressure brings you down in the AM, try rolling over your temples and sinuses for cooling relief. ($6.99, Amazon)

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A sleek, perfectly shaped bowl for feeling fancy while at home or on the go…

One Skimm HQ’r loves to store dinner leftovers in this no-slip plastic bowl. Whether you’re moving a couple steps from the kitchen to a WFH setup or heading to the office, the snap-tight silicone strap and lid keeps food fresh for the next day. Dinner leftovers = the easiest lunch that’s ready in seconds. ($20, Amazon)

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An item tracker to ensure that you’re never scrambling for your keys again…

A wild dash for your wallet, your phone, and your keys can be a stressful start to the day. Four color-coded receivers can attach to your personal belongings and a quick press of a colored button on the corresponding remote signals a loud beep to help you find what you need out the door. This tracker can locate items up to 131 feet away in an open space. See ya, morning shuffle. ($18.99, Amazon)

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