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14 Things You Need if You Really, Really Love Coffee

products for those that really love coffee
Feliz Modern
Sep 25, 2020

Java. Joe. Hot bean water. Whatever you call it, coffee makes the world go round (or something). And if you’re a true lover of the brew, you’ll understand that it doesn’t just exist in the morning. 

So we rounded up things that’ll help espresso your devotion. We salute you coffee, you help us get up every day.

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A mug warmer so you never have to deal with a lukewarm brew…

Another trip to the microwave? No, thank you. This warmer will start heating from the weight of your mug. So you never even have to press ‘on.’ Oh, and it’s waterproof. Add to cart. ($25.99+, Amazon)

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A subscription that lets you try coffee from around the world…

Aka a coffee world tour from your kitchen. Personalize your monthly (or bi-monthly) shipment so you can receive up to 24-ounces of freshly-roasted beans from countries like Tanzania, Myanmar, and Ecuador. You’ll also get brewing tips, flavor notes, and a postcard from the featured country. Rise and grind with 50% off.* ($9+/month, Atlas Coffee Club)

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A mug that perfectly summarizes your personality nowadays…

Please don’t send us a Slack message until after our morning cup, thank you. ($15, Marissa Designs It All on Etsy)

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A Luke’s Diner shirt because coffee + “Gilmore Girls” is a lifestyle…

Lorelai drinks coffee. We drink coffee. So we’re pretty much a part of the fam...right? ($14.99+, Yellow Aura Creatives on Etsy)

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A whipped coffee body polish to wash away flaky skin…

For the best results use clean, dry hands to rub the scrub onto damp skin. It’ll exfoliate and moisturize, leaving behind a smooth and silky texture. And it’ll smell amazing. Win-win. ($10+, Becalia Botanicals)

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A phone case to showcase your daily motto…

We’re not saying coffee and wine get us through the day. But if the shoe fits… ($21+, Redbubble)

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A personalized scoop for the coffee aficionado in your life…

Or maybe just for you. This scoop is crafted from oak and also works as a bag clip to keep beans fresh. You can also make it a set by adding a handmade tamper. Hello, barista in the making. ($26.99+, MijMoj Design on Etsy)

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A knitted cozy so you can hold a hot cup…

Without scorching your hand. Plus it’ll also keep your drink warm if you’re sipping outside. Fall is sweater weather, so you might as well dress your favorite mug. ($4.95, Cozy Corners Crochet)

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A morning brew candle so you can enjoy the smell way after your first cup…

Made with coffee bean essential oil and hints of chocolate and hazelnut, this candle will smell delicious. It’s hand-poured, made of 100% soy wax, and has a 40+ hour burn time. We stan. ($10+, Hazel Candle Co. on Etsy)

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For when you’re trying to hone your latte skills…

Get some help from an expert. Dhan Tamang, a world-renowned latte artist, will walk you through making crema (the froth on the top of the cup) and basic patterns. In total this guide includes 60 designs. Get pouring. ($12.99, Amazon)

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A notepad to keep you on track throughout the day…

There’s nothing a morning cup of joe + a to-do list can’t accomplish. ($9, Amy Zhang)

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A reusable cover for drinking on-the-go…

Goodbye, plastic lids. Introducing this silicone option that’ll reduce waste and fit standard-sized coffee and soda cups. They’re easy to wash, too. The planet thanks you. ($12, Uncommon Goods)

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A reusable K-Cup so your garbage isn’t filled with throwaways…

Get ready to use it again and again. It’ll work with all Keurig coffee makers and don’t worry, it won’t affect the taste of your brew. ($14.99, Keurig)

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A pin for those who just don’t believe in decaf…

We’re not taking sides on this one. We swear. It's totally your choice. ($8, Feliz Modern)

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