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What to Treat Yourself to This Valentine’s Day (Because You Deserve It)

gifts to treat yourself to this Valentine's Day
Lindsay Lange
Jan 29, 2021

Out with the old, in with the new. And by that, we mean treating Valentine’s Day as a day of love only between couples. We’re all about self-care and self-love this year, especially during these unprecedented times. 

So we rounded up items to treat yourself to come February 14th. And really every day after that. Because you are worth it.

A box of chocolates that’s all about self-love…

Time to indulge yourself. Choose between caramel marshmallow and peanut butter bonbons. Aka the ideal mix of salty and sweet. So pour yourself a glass of wine and grab these. You deserve it. ($30, Vosges)

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A hands-free vibrator that you can use solo or with a partner...

We’re talking freedom to move around and get adventurous, without any distractions. Not to mention, it’s also waterproof and has three speed settings. So whether you’re with your someone special, or enjoying a little you time, it’s the perfect addition to your time spent between the sheets. Entering do-not-disturb mode.* ($135, Dame)

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A plush robe to bundle up in because, well, winter…

As robe enthusiasts ourselves, there’s really nothing better than putting one on at night and cuddling into the couch. This robe is made from fleece, and won’t shed or pill. So wear it in the morning while you sip your cup of coffee, or once you’re done working for the day. Or keep your video off during meetings and wear it 24/7. We understand. ($99, L.L.Bean)

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A set of evil eye coin hoops to add to your collection...

Probably one of the easiest ways to accessorize while working from home: earrings. These huggie hoops have an eye evil design, a protective symbol used to ward off bad vibes. Psst...Radical Girl Gang features all womxn-owned businesses. And we love showing our support. ($46, Amanda Deer on Radical Girl Gang)

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A pair of pom-pom slippers to keep your feet warm…

Because padding around the house barefoot isn’t as fun. And these will become your pajama go-to, especially in the winter. Keep them by your bedside and slip ‘em on first thing in the morning. ($42,

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A lip care kit to get some relief (finally) from dry, flakey skin…

Chapped lips in the winter? Yeah, us too. Each kit comes with a scrub and serum to buff away flakes and leave your lips feeling smooth. The micro sugar crystals are gentle, so scrub lightly with your finger or by rubbing your lips together. The serum is packed with sweet almond oil to help restore hydration. Pout it out. ($11, The Lip Bar)

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A pair of towel scrunchies to use on your hair out of the shower…

If you’re guilty of throwing your hair up with an elastic hair-tie, then these are for you. They’ll do the work of holding your hair back, while also absorbing moisture and helping tame frizz. No more pulling on wet hair. They’re also made from organic cotton and bamboo, so consider them a sustainable sub for what you’re using now. ($18, Urban Outfitters)

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A soothing face mask set to keep your skin hydrated…

Yes, we’re wearing face coverings because of the pandemic. And yes, that’s a non-negotiable. But that also means we’re hyper-focused on the skin underneath. This trio will work to target breakouts (maskne = mask acne), lighten dark spots, and reduce redness and dryness. One is actually a set of mini patches to place directly over dark spots. The patches will dissolve on their own, so just place them and forget. Skin-care = self-care. ($28, Dr.Jart+)

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A bathtub caddy to hold your book ( of wine) during spa hour…

Okay, okay. It can also hold a cup of tea, glass of water, candle, etc. But it’s the perfect bathroom accessory. Get ready to run the bath, build up the suds, and settle in. If you’re real serious (why wouldn’t you be), we suggest putting a “do not disturb” sign on the door. Quiet hour has commenced. ($72.27+, Timber Grove Studios on Etsy)

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A gift box of self-care treats to help get you ready for bed…

Doom-scrolling is a real thing nowadays. To help you actually wind down, this little goodie bag features a geode bath bomb, shower steamer, and pulse-point roll-on oil stick. So put your phone down, take a hot shower, and dab some chamomile-scented oil on your wrists and temples before getting into bed. Thank us later. ($27, Anthropologie)

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A set of affirmation cards so you create a positive weekly motto…

Combat Sunday scaries with this adorable deck of cards. It’s simple: just shuffle and select a new card each Sunday evening. As you go about your week, keep the mantra in mind and return to the deck if you’re feeling blue. Pro tip — leave the chosen card on your nightstand so it’s one of the first things you see when you wake up. A little positivity can go a long way. ($24, Anthropologie)

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A jade roller and gua sha set to keep in your fridge for everyday use…

IOHO (in our humble opinions), these tools are best used when they’re cold. But you can keep them out if you prefer them room temp. Use the jade roller across your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, always rolling outward and upward. The stimulation can decrease puffiness, help blood flow, and reduce sinus pressure. The gua sha can be used when you need a deeper massage, and works in the same fashion as the jade roller. Hello, you time. ($20, Amazon)

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