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Gifts That Any Wine Lover Will Wanna Cheers To

wine gifts any wine drinker will appreciate
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Nov 22, 2022

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We all know someone whose favorite activity is visiting vineyards and who’s always stocked for a good wine-down Wednesday (or every day). Whether you’re shopping for a casual wine drinker or a person who can identify the flavor profiles in any bottle, these gifts for wine lovers will have ‘em saying sip, sip, hooray. From shatterproof wine glasses to a foldable wine rack and even a high-speed aerator, we have a feeling they’ll be putting these practical and thoughtful ideas to use ASAP.

A wine aerator that’ll deliver all the taste and none of the wait…

If they like young, bold wines, this aerator might become their most prized possession. It cuts the aeration process down from about three hours to the time it takes to pour a glass. It’s got a no-drip stand and protective filter screen so they won’t have bits of cork or sediment floating around. We’ll drink to that. ($27.97, Amazon)

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A freestanding wine fridge…

With the smallest option standing at just over 20 inches tall, it can fit virtually anywhere it’s convenient to store their vino. Like under the kitchen counter, atop a credenza, or in an office. Choose from a 16- to 98-bottle capacity and tack on some add-ons if you’re feeling generous — like a wine opener or an extra fridge just for cans. With UV protected glass, a built-in fan to keep the flavors intact, and sleek adjustable shelving, this wine fridge is sure to win a spot in the gifting hall of fame for any wine lover. ($259.12+, Amazon)

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A wave-design wine rack for storing their bottles in an eye-catching way…

It can hold up to 12 of their favorites (both standard and oversized bottles) and comes in two sizes. So they can make use of this stylish rack no matter how much counter space they’ve got to spare. Psst…if they’re looking for a more functional wine rack for parties or entertaining, snag this one that’ll hold up to nine bottles and fold away for easy cleanup. ($47.90+, Amazon)

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An electric wine opener that they’ll want to display on their counter…

Because opening a bottle shouldn’t take as long as drinking a glass of their fave vino. This electric wine opener does all the heavy lifting. All they have to do is put it on top of the bottle, press a button, and watch as the magic happens. It’s USB rechargeable and comes with a sleek beechwood finish all over. Their new fave kitchen tool? We think so. ($115, Food52)

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Wine decanters made for both young and old wine …

Choose from one of two wine decanters — a tall and lean one meant for more mature wines, and a shorter one with an extra-wide bowl for younger wines. Both are made from 100% lead-free crystal and should be washed (and dried) by hand. Also? They’ll look gorgeous on any table setting. Happy sippin’. ($195+, Food52)

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A set of charms for wine glasses so their guests don’t lose their drinks…

It’s a classic party scene: The night is two pours in and nobody knows which glass is theirs anymore. These merino wool felt wine glass markers to the rescue. They come in three different sets of 12: rainbow colors, autumn colors, and a “midcentury” design with six sides. They’re great for the frequent party host and will help make sure everyone sticks with the same glass all night. And for more holiday gift ideas you can find on Amazon, check out our storefront. ($19, Amazon)

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A chic and convenient carousel for drinks and snacks…

Your giftee can give some cheese and crackers the ride of their life on this handmade cherrywood snack “carousel” — which doubles as a wine bar. It’s perfect for people who love to host but have a small space, since they can fit everything they need for a wine night (including six glasses) in one spot. Add a monogram to make it even more personal. And for more great holiday gifts from Uncommon Goods, shop here. ($130+, Uncommon Goods)

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A wine chiller to match their beloved water bottle…

This good-looking container by S’well will keep their favorite wine cool without any worries about condensation, due to its vacuum insulation and copper layer. If they really love it, they can even get an ice bucket, carafe, and wine glasses to match. One super-chic bar cart, coming right up. ($40, Amazon)

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Wine glasses they’ll never have to worry about shattering…

No more crashes in the kitchen followed by gasps and grumbled cleanups. These rose gold stainless steel wine glasses (which also come in black and silver) not only look eye-catchingly unusual, but are also super-practical due to their shatterproof design. ($27.99+, Amazon)

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A wine advent calendar with 24 mini bottles…

Sourced from Spain, Sicily, California, and more, this one includes everything from a zinfandel to a moscato, a malbec to pinot noir. It comes with a guidebook and nightly emails that’ll take your giftee through all the varieties — with tasting notes for each bottle, wine insights and tips, and wine recipes. Pinkies up. For even more advent calendar ideas for adults, check out our faves here. ($124.99, In Good Taste)

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A stunning pair of splurge-worthy mouth-blown wine glasses…

If you’re feeling generous or splitting a gift for a special wine lover in your life, these glasses will earn a permanent spot on their bar cart. They’re made from Borosilicate glass — the same glass used in Pyrex bakeware — which is significantly more sturdy and less prone to temperature shock than most other common glass. These have a gorgeous square-shaped bowl paired with a thicker stem that isn’t typical for wine glasses. Psst…there’s also a stemless pair with the same elegant design. ($172/set of 2, Ssense)

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A fun way to put their corks on display…

So they can stop tossing ’em straight into the trash can and pay homage to their home state or one with a special meaning. Each board is made from Baltic birch plywood, and they’re available in every state shape (plus Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba). All of ’em come with metal hardware for mounting so they can hang it wherever they sip. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

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A stocking stuffer they’ll be happy to have on hand when there’s a spill…

Because accidents happen, so it’s better to be prepared. This one works on both dry and fresh stains (and can also be used for coffee, blood, ink, fruit punch, sauces, red medicine stains, and even pet accidents). Just shake, spray, let it sit, and then blotch away for a just-like-new look. ($9.99, Amazon)

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A quirky wine glass holder where they need it most…

Right in their bathroom. Or bedroom, or office. (Who are we to judge?) As long as there’s a wall to suction it on. It comes accented with hand-picked beach stones and its own BPA-free plastic wine glass — so they won’t have to worry about any dangerous messes. ($38, Uncommon Goods)

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