Beach Packing List: All the Essentials You Need

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Sun's out, hats out. Time to get shady at the beach. And making your beach day the best one ever with this packing list...


For when there are too many kids at the beach…
Transport yourself to a tropical oasis. Try Amazon’s top-shelf Kindle. The Oasis reads without glare, has the highest resolution screen yet, and you can listen to audiobooks on it. Plus it's the first waterproof Kindle. Splash zone proof.


For when the weather is iffy...
Put on your rose colored glasses. These Astrid shades from Warby Parker will get your head in the clouds with a 'don't F with me' vibe.


For when your friend keeps complementing your bikini...

Brown nosing is accepted here. Red nosing is not. Keep your face from getting burnt with Skimm'rs fave sunscreen.
The Elta MD SPF 46 was the most-loved from our Sunscreen Guide. It’s broad-spectrum (checks UVA and UVB boxes) and is easy on sensitive skin.


For when your ex is on the beach…
Get you a hat that reads “closed for business.” Take a peek from behind the Packable Resort Hat. It’s unstructured and crease-proof. Meaning, you can stuff it into whatever space is left in your overstuffed bag. 


For when the sand is hot af…
Sink your toes into the Quicksand Mat. This smart towel is sand-wicking and waterproof. So it’s basically magic. Plus, it’s large enough to keep your entire squad safe from the lava.


For when your ‘beachy waves’ are a tangled mess…
Easy, breezy, beautiful…beach bum. This three-piece OUAI set has everything you need: leave-in conditioner to smooth it out, dry texture foam to get perfect waves, and rose hair & body oil if your hair’s feeling thirsty.

Outdoor Wine Table

For when you find the perfect spot...
I live here now. Set up reaalll cozy-like with this outdoor wine table. It sticks right into the sand and is made to hold stemware plus a little snack. Hint: the snack is always cheese.


For when the group text is interrupting your beach read…
Someone’s got a big mouth. ICYMI, your favorite water bottle has one too. S’well launched a new line of wide-mouthed bottles. The S’well Travelers were made with the ‘active lifestyle’ in mind. Pretty sure lounging on the beach counts. 


For when someone mentions getting ice cream afterward…
No shoes, no shirt, no soft-serve. Cover up with this Pom Pom dress from Peixoto. It’s made of soft weave fabric and has an open back. We’re already wondering if this level of cozy is (not) NSFW. 


For when the tide’s getting closer…
Pack it up. And take the party with you. Try the Ultimate Ears portable stereo. It’s Bluetooth, waterproof, and comes in 11 different colors. Ride the sound wave.


For when you’re taking a summer Friday…
Don’t let your phone go OOO. Try the Skimm’r fave, RAVPower charger. It powers up your phone almost twice as fast as other portable chargers. So you can take a bit longer trying to think of that perfect IG caption. Pro-tip: it’s not ‘sun, sand, and surf.’


For when someone asks why you’re all about SPF…
Cause it’s a BFD. Get you something to protect your lips. You can use Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment alone or under lipstick. Either way, it has SPF 15 so your pout doesn’t get *too* red.


For when you think you spy a fin in the water…
Keep your cool. The Sunset Wine compact tote has an insulated compartment to keep your wine chilled. It also comes with all the Mako-ings of a romantic dinner: plastic wine glasses, checkered napkins, and a bottle opener.

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