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Daily Skimm: Florida, Credit Suisse, and Berries

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March 20, 2023

Don’t Say Period

The Story

Florida lawmakers don't want some girls talking about their periods.


Last week, a Florida House subcommittee passed a proposed bill that would ban conversations about periods and sexual health in elementary schools. The legislation also bans students from talking about STDs or sexuality. It's the state’s latest effort to crack down on school curriculum (see: bans on books and critical race theory, and the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’). The bill still needs to go to the floor for a full vote, but it could pass in the Republican supermajority Legislature. 

What are people saying?

State Rep. Stan McClain (R-FL), who’s sponsoring the bill, reportedly said the bill would bring consistency to sex education across Florida’s school districts. But state Rep. Ashley Gantt (D) called the bill “egregious,” and raised concerns that younger girls — who may go through puberty earlier in life —  wouldn’t be able to ask questions about their changing bodies in school. For his part, McClain said he’d be “amenable” to changes. Oh and, Florida’s not the only state that’s got people raising eyebrows.

Go on.

While a federal judge in Texas debates the FDA’s approval of abortion pills, Wyoming showed it waits for no one. On Friday, Gov. Mark Gordon (R) signed a law making Wyoming the first state to explicitly ban abortion pills. Starting in July, it’ll be illegal to “prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use” any medication abortion drug, like mifepristone. Anyone who breaks the law may face up to six months in prison and a $9,000 fine. Now, abortion in Wyoming is nearly impossible, except in cases of incest, rape, or if the mother's life is at risk.


The conversation around women and girls is no longer just centered on abortion access. Now, the Florida legislature is showing they can take things a step further by trying to limit the conversation around women’s bodies and sexual health in general.

The Indictment

Former President Trump said he believes he’ll be arrested tomorrow.

The claims come as the Manhattan district attorney’s office is investigating a hush money payment allegedly made to adult film star Stormy Daniels. In 2018, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted to paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep the alleged affair between her and Trump quiet. Trump paid him back but has denied having an affair. The case picked up steam when the Manhattan DA convened a grand jury to dig deeper.

Now, Trump’s calling for protests and to “take our nation back.” (It’s worth noting Trump has yet to be charged.) In the meantime, law enforcement is planning to beef up security just in case. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has said he would direct House committees to investigate the DA’s probe. McCarthy also said he doesn’t think Americans should protest this, saying “we want calmness out there.” Meanwhile, Trump’s current attorney said they’d “follow the normal procedures” pending charges.

If indicted, it would be the first time in history a former president faces criminal charges. What comes after is TBD.

And Also...This

What’s writing a check…

UBS. Yesterday, the Swiss government announced that banking giant UBS will buy its smaller rival, Credit Suisse, for more than $3 billion. Last week, Credit Suisse’s shares dropped a record 24% — raising concerns it could default. The banking world was already on edge after Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank closed their doors. Credit Suisse was struggling with financial scandals for years. Now, the Swiss president reportedly says the deal will offer “great breadth for the stability of international finance.” But some experts reportedly warn the deal is still in a fragile state and could fall apart. The markets weren’t too happy with the news as Credit Suisse’s shares dropped 63% this morning and UBS’s fell about 14%.

  • Checking in: It comes as New York Community Bancorp will take over Signature Bank. Its 40 former branches will now operate as Flagstar Bank.

Who took a not-so-little trip…

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Over the weekend, he made a surprise visit to Mariupol in Ukraine. It’s his first visit to the country since he launched an invasion over a year ago. Russian forces took Mariupol last May — marking the Kremlin’s first major victory in the war. Putin’s trip appeared to be an act of defiance of the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC accused Putin of committing war crimes, specifically the unlawful deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia. The Kremlin has called these allegations “outrageous,” considering Russia isn’t a member of the ICC so the court’s powers are limited. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to visit Putin in Moscow today. On the agenda: The war in Ukraine.

…Oh and speaking of high tensions, Serbia and Kosovo have reached a deal to normalize ties, but the agreement hasn’t been finalized. The European Union says a deal needs to go through if Serbia wants to become an EU state. The two have had a border conflict for decades, and Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

Whose brackets are busted…

Almost everyone’s. Over the weekend, 16-seed Fairleigh Dickinson University shocked the country by sending No. 1 Purdue packing. Kansas went home after a close game against Arkansas. And this week, No. 15 Princeton’s Cinderella run continues as it reaches the Sweet 16 for the first time in 56 years after knocking out No. 2 Arizona in the process. The Princeton women’s team also advanced — making the Ivy the first to have both teams push to the second round. Meanwhile, Ole Miss’s women’s team upset top seed Stanford. The Sweet 16 will be whittled down to the Elite 8 this weekend.

…Oh and speaking of sportsmania, the US is heading to the World Baseball Classic final after defeating Cuba 14 to 2. The defending champs will face either Mexico or Japan tomorrow night. Play ball.

What’s not doing berry good…

Trader Joe’s and Costco.

Whose love story is coming soon…

Kate and Prince William's

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