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Daily Skimm: Adnan Syed, Mexico, and Bad Bunny

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March 29, 2023

Adnan Syed

The Story

A court reinstated Adnan Syed’s murder conviction.

Did I miss an episode?

Syed spent 23 years in prison for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. His case was the subject of the 2014 viral podcast “Serial.” Last year, a judge threw out his murder conviction after Maryland prosecutors said unreliable cell data was used as evidence at his trial. But Lee’s family later filed an appeal, saying the court didn't give them enough notice to attend the hearing in which Syed's conviction was overturned. Young Lee, Hae Min Lee's brother, had to attend via Zoom since he lives in California. Last month, a Maryland appellate court began looking into whether Young’s rights were violated. Now, in a 2 to 1 decision, the appellate court agreed that officials violated the Lee family’s rights and ordered a new hearing.

What does this mean for Adnan?

The decision doesn't mean Syed is immediately returning to prison. Instead, the panel of three judges is giving both sides in the case 60 days to decide how to move forward, including whether Syed's attorneys want to file an appeal to the Maryland Supreme Court. The appellate court said a re-do of the hearing could only take place as long as there isn’t a risk of double jeopardy. Meaning, the court won't try Syed again for the same crime (which is illegal). An attorney for the Lee family said they were “pleased” with the court's decision. But Syed’s lawyer said there's “no basis for re-traumatizing” Syed by labeling him a convicted felon again, adding they “remain optimistic that justice will be done.”


Many thought Syed’s story came to an end when his conviction was thrown out last year. But another legal setback might have him back in court, defending himself once again. All while Hae Min Lee’s family is still searching for closure.

And Also...This

Where people are raising alarms…

Mexico. Yesterday, officials said a fire at a migrant detention facility killed at least 38 people and injured dozens of others. The facility along the US-Mexico border held 68 men from Central and South American countries, including Guatemala, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Authorities believe some of the men set mattresses on fire in protest after finding out they would be deported. The deadly blaze comes as Mexican and US authorities have been dealing with an influx of migrants at the border. Mexico’s National Migration Institute has struggled with overcrowding at its facilities. A migrant rights group said the fire is a “horrible example of why organizations have been working to limit or eliminate detention in Mexico.” In a tweet, a White House official called the loss of life “heartbreaking” and said the US is ready to support Mexico. Meanwhile, the UN says it will conduct a “thorough investigation” into the tragedy.

What’s got people saying 'the kids are not alright'…

Hospitalization rates. Yesterday, a study revealed that hospitalizations for children with mental health conditions skyrocketed by more than 25% between 2009 and 2019. Many of the kids admitted were 11 to 14 years old — with girls being a larger portion of patients. The study found that suicidal or self-harming behavior led to a 33% jump in hospitalizations. The causes are unclear, but one of the researchers said the “growing use of social media” among children has been linked to depression symptoms. Now, experts say the findings put a spotlight on a failing US health care system, adding “the hospital ends up being the place you go when all else fails.” They're calling for an increase in mental health services in communities and schools.

Who's facing additional charges…

Sam Bankman-Fried. Yesterday, federal prosecutors charged the FTX founder with bribing “one or more” Chinese government officials. In a new indictment, the DOJ said that in 2021, SBF allegedly paid Chinese officials $40 million in crypto to unfreeze Alameda Research accounts holding about $1 billion in crypto assets. The accounts were allegedly released after payment. Now, the disgraced FTX founder is facing a total of 13 charges. SBF — who's currently being held on a $250 million bond at his parents' house — is expected to appear in court tomorrow on the new charge.

What could be giving people a bad gut feeling…

Probiotics. According to a report from the Washington Post, probiotic supplements may do the opposite of helping people’s guts. One study found that healthy people might want to stay away from ingesting the microorganisms. That's because too much of a good thing could actually disrupt the balance of people’s microbiomes. As for prebiotics…that’s another story. Thanks a lot #guttok.

Who might have to put his big boy pence on…

Former VP Mike Pence.

Who wants to Pay Later…


Whose tiempo (TIME) has arrived...

Bad Bunny's.

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