‘Female-Led Recession’: How Economists Think Unemployment Will Impact Women and Minorities

May 29, 2020

As of this week, one in four US workers has filed for unemployment benefits. But economists say the historic numbers don’t tell the whole story. And they’re warning that women, and in particular women of color, are being disproportionately affected. We’ll break down what this record unemployment means, how the situation compares to past recessions, and what the impact is on women and women of color.

Also: now that unemployment is at a record-high, a lot of people are looking for work. We spoke to a career expert to get some tips on how to job search during a pandemic.

And finally, you asked and we Skimm’d: who’s even hiring right now? Not a trick question. Think: anyone who’s seeing an increase in demand. Like food and delivery services.

On this episode, you’ll hear from:

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