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'Game of Thrones' season 8: Where we left off

Dany and Jon
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Apr 10, 2019

The Story

Winter is here.

Are you telling me this is an entire Skimm on “Game of Thrones”?

Indeed. The final season starts this weekend. So we’re taking a walk down memory lane. Or the Kingsroad.

Only been counting down for a year and a half.

Yes it’s been a while. Here’s where we left things (spoilers ahead):

Arya Stark...Is in Winterfell. Turns out she and Sansa didn’t actually hate each other and were secretly plotting to take down Littlefinger. She slashes his throat on Sansa’s orders.

Sansa Stark...Also in Winterfell. Accuses Littlefinger of murder and treason against the Starks. The usual GoT stuff.

Bran Stark aka Three-Eyed Raven...Also back in Winterfell with the fam. He has a nice chat with Samwell Tarly about the fact that Jon was never a bastard. He’s the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Which brings us to...

Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen...Except he doesn’t know it yet. He’s singing ‘let’s get it on’ on a ship with Dany. Nevermind that she’s his...aunt.

Daenerys Targaryen...See above. But before that, she and Jon show up in King’s Landing with a wight, trying to convince Cersei that they are real, and they are a problem. Dany and Jon eventually set sail for the North to meet up with the Stark sibs.

Cersei Lannister...In King’s Landing, she asks Jon to promise not to take sides in the fight for the Iron Throne. He says he’s already pledged himself to Dany. Womp. After a chat with Tyrion, she promises to help Jon and Dany fight the White Walkers anyway. Then says ‘nvm’ behind their backs. Because, Cersei. Also she’s pregnant.

Jaime Lannister...Teams up with baby bro Tyrion to get Jon, Dany, and Cersei in the same room, er, Dragonpit. He’s convinced the White Walkers are a threat and commits to wiping them off the face of Westeros. He ditches Cersei and is riding North to help.

Tyrion Lannister...Is Dany’s Hand of the Queen and shows up with her in King’s Landing. Afterward, he chugs some wine, has an intense chat with Cersei, and figures out that she’s pregnant. On the ship, he sees Jon making his way into Dany’s cabin. Cue that look fans have been talking about ever since.

White Walkers...said ‘tear down this wall’ and finally crossed into Westeros thanks to the Night King and an ice dragon. Dun dun dun.

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