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Kashmir Conflict: India and Pakistan's dispute

India Pakistan Conflict
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Mar 6, 2019

The Story

India and Pakistan have been fighting over the disputed region of Kashmir for decades.

Set the scene, please.

India used to be a British colony. In 1947, after years of campaigning against British rule, India gained independence and was separated into two countries: India – which was mostly Hindu – and Pakistan – which was mostly Muslim. Dividing the countries across religious lines went just about as well as you’d expect.

So...not well.

Correct. Fighting broke out as masses of Muslims and Hindus started migrating in between the two new countries. Kashmir – a region in the Himalayas that shares borders with both India and Pakistan – was caught in the middle. The two countries have been fighting for control of Kashmir ever since.

Where does that leave things?

The rivals have waged multiple wars over the region. Now, India, Pakistan, and China each control different parts of Kashmir. But India and Pakistan both say Kashmir should be theirs. Meanwhile, it's important to note that both countries have built up their arsenal of nuclear weapons over the years. Making any escalation in conflict between the two that much more alarming.

Why am I hearing about this now?

It’s complicated. We get into the recent escalation, the international players, and the nuclear threat in theSkimm app. If you download the app now, you can text us your questions each week on a different news topic and get an exclusive Skimm FAQ. Psst: the first week is free.

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