Letter to Your Loved Ones: A COVID-19 Message

2 min read|Mar 22, 2020|fbtwitteremail

At Skimm HQ, we realized that some of our parents and grandparents weren’t taking social distancing as seriously as we wanted them to. So we wrote them a letter. Copy, paste, and email or text it to your loved ones, too.

Dear ______, 

Remember that time you made me stay in instead of going out? Now, I’m asking you to do the same. Cheers to the student becoming the teacher. 

You’ve heard about “social distancing” as a strategy to fight COVID-19 and protect yourselves. But I want to clear up its definition. Social distancing doesn’t mean touching elbows with your friends at book club instead of hugging. It doesn’t mean going into the office but staying away from the close talkers. It means (unless you are an essential worker) staying in. Without extended family or friends or that nice couple you just met that doesn’t quite qualify as your “friends” yet. 

It also means canceling hair appointments, game nights, and planned trips. Your roots and airline miles will recover. Your health might not. The CDC has warned that older people are at a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. 8 out of 10 deaths in the US associated with the virus have been in adults 65 years old and older. You’re still young at heart, but the virus doesn’t care. I care. I love you and want us to take every precaution to avoid this, together (while physically remaining at least six feet apart). 

See you later today on FaceTime. 



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