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Nico Tortorella texts with theSkimm

June 11, 2019

The StoryNico Tortorella is getting “Younger.”

Why does that name sound familiar?Nico stars as Josh on “Younger,” that TV show your friends are always telling you to binge.What else did they have to say?Nico discussed the importance of proper pronoun use. “We are living in a really special time for gender identity and expression. And if someone is telling you what their desired pronouns are, it is very important that people respect that.” FYI: Nico prefers “they/them.”

What’s their IMDB?While Nico plays a tattoo artist on TV, they also wrote a poetry collection called “All Of It Is You” and hosted their own podcast, The Love Bomb.

Okay, but outside of work...Nico likes the 1994 movie, “Priscila, Queen of the Desert.” Their current read is “Sissy” by Jacob Tobia. When it comes to coffee, Nico switches things up with a little bee pollen or maca. But they’re also a fan of ditching the coffee and catching some zzzs.

theSkimmIt’s Pride Month and for Nico, that means having a community around you. “Pride actually represents a pack, think a pack of lions. You need a community, you need a team around you to really be proud.” We'll be commemorating Pride all month, check it out here.

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