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Skimm This: Sharia Law in Brunei, NATO’s B-Day, and the World’s Worst Spy

April 3, 2019

It’s April 3rd. Happy Hump Day. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Harsh laws are in effect in Brunei. Now, anyone who participates in gay sex could be stoned to death. The backstory: in 2014, the sultan implemented a really strict interpretation of Sharia law. But what is that again, and why isn’t it interpreted the same everywhere?

  • NATO is celebrating the big 7-0 this year. But the party is gonna be low-key. There’s a reason for that. We’ll break it down.

  • Tax day is coming up (psst … read all about it here). But don’t book your refund-funded flights yet. Lots of people who got cash back from the IRS last year actually owe money this year. We’ll tell you about it.

  • The world’s worst spy was stopped at Mar-a-Lago this weekend. Sorry about that, Chief.

theSkimm: Human rights groups all over the world are calling out Brunei for harsh new laws. Now, people caught participating in gay sex could be stoned to death. Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General is visiting Capitol Hill. Just in time for NATO’s bday. But don’t expect a big party. Also on today’s episode: tax day is coming up, and a spy in Mar-a-Lago’s saying ‘sorry about that, Chief.’

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