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Skimm This: President Trump’s Tax Returns, Public Service For Student Loans, and Anti-Stress Walks

April 4, 2019

It’s April 4th. Happy pre-Friday. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • As a candidate, President Trump broke with tradition and kept his tax returns private instead of releasing them to the public. Democrats were not pleased. Now, Dems in the House have asked the IRS directly for the receipts. But why is everyone so obsessed with the president’s taxes, anyway?

  • The gov has a student loan forgiveness program that’s supposed to encourage grads to go into public service. Last year, Congress added $700 million to the program’s piggy bank. But the Dept of Education has only paid out a fraction of that. We’ll break down what’s going on.

  • Feeling stressed? Tell your boss that you need to take a walk. For your health.

  • Airbnb is sending out invites for a sleepover at Mona Lisa’s house … in a tent. But who cares? Still the Louvre.

theSkimm: President Trump has gotten a lot of heat for keeping his tax returns under lock and key. Now, Dems are cutting out the middle man and asking the IRS to show them the receipts. But why are the president’s tax returns such a big deal? In other money news, the Dept of Education has been cutting down on who’s eligible for a public student loan forgiveness program. Also on today’s episode: science wants you to take a walk and chill, and Airbnb’s inviting you to a sleepover at Mona Lisa’s house.

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