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Skimm This: Trump and Ukraine, UN Climate Summit, and Retirement

Sep 23, 2019

It’s September 23rd. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • President Trump is taking heat for a phone call he had with the President of Ukraine. In which Trump admits he talked about former VP Joe Biden. We’ll explain what Trump is alleging Biden did, why Ukraine’s involved, and why some are (again) talking about impeachment.

  • The United Nations hosted a special Climate Action Summit today, the day before the annual General Assembly begins. We’ll connect the dots on whether the talk today will ultimately lead to action.

  • Millennials are kind of freaking out about retirement, and commiserating under the hashtag #millennialretirementplans.

  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) and their new son Archie just landed in South Africa for their first royal tour.  

theSkimm: It’s only Monday, but President Trump probably can’t wait for the weekend. A mysterious whistleblower complaint is still dominating the headlines, reportedly for a phone call he had with the President of Ukraine. But Trump would prefer people talk about Ukraine … and former VP Joe Biden. We’ll explain what this is all about. Meanwhile, a bunch of countries got together at the United Nations for a special summit on climate. They talked a strong game about going greener, but was it enough? Also on today’s show: millennials share their concerns about retirement, and a royal family outing in South Africa. 

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