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Skimm This: Refugee Crisis, Campaign Finances, Mortgage Rates

Sep 30, 2019

It’s September 30th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • The European migrant crisis is back in the headlines after a deadly fire at a Greek refugee camp yesterday. We’ll connect the dots between the new surge of asylum seekers fleeing war and persecution, and how EU leaders are dealing with it. 

  • One candidate for president is taking a stand on campaign finance reform. We’ll explain why it might be hard to get someone in the government to sign some paperwork for him. 

  • More homes are being sold in the US, and it doesn’t hurt that mortgage rates are historically low.

  • And finally, today is all about our raison d'être: it’s International Podcast Day. 

theSkimm: Four years after the European migrant crisis reached its peak, European leaders are being called on to once again to address a situation that’s never fully been fixed. Meanwhile, Montana Governor and democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock wants to set up public financing for his campaign -- but the agency that needs to sign off on it is kinda busy right now. Also on the show: why economists say it could be a great time to buy a home, and our raison d'être.

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