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Skimm This: Turkey in Syria, Trump's Taxes, Red Blood Cells

Oct 7, 2019

It’s October 7th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • The sudden announcement that US troops are leaving northern Syria has America’s Kurdish allies on edge, and fearing an attack by neighboring Turkey. Now, lawmakers in DC are scrambling to warn Turkey to stay put.

  • A federal judge has turned down President Trump’s latest attempt to stop his tax returns from being turned over to prosecutors. But this battle’s far from over.

  • Young people aren’t investing. What else is new?

  • And the Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to...

theSkimm: Democrats and Republicans are speaking out against the surprising pullback of US troops from northern Syria, saying the Kurdish forces that helped defeat the Islamic State could be at risk. We’ll explain the pushback Trump’s big move is facing on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile: efforts to keep President Trump’s tax returns a secret hit a legal snag on Monday. We’ll survey the pressure he’s under to make the documents public. Also on today’s show: Millennial investment habits and how the secret life of red blood cells could offer clues about treating cancer.

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