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Tan France texts with theSkimm

Jun 19, 2019

The Story

Tan France is showing his fashion pride.

Do tell.

Tan France (aka “Queer Eye’s” fashion guru) is not only about the “French tuck.” He has quite a few projects going on at the moment.

What the tuck is he up to?

He updated his summer reading list with his own book “Naturally Tan.” PS: you can listen to his lovely accent on the audio book as well. But that’s not the only thing he’s up to this summer. For Pride month, he told us all about what Pride means to him.

Go on.

For Tan, Pride is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and needs to happen until rights are truly equal. “Pride means a celebration of the LGBTQ community. Until equal rights are truly equal rights for all, and when people aren’t being persecuted for being trans or gay or queer in general, pride needs to happen.”

Can you believe?

Yes, Tan can. He also gave us some fashion advice: if you only have five minutes, don’t try to be creative, wear an outfit you've rocked before. When he’s not redefining the industry, you can find him binging “Golden Girls,” for the twentieth time, or jamming out to Billie Eilish or anything Bollywood.


Tan France opened both minds and hearts as the go-to fashion icon of the “Fab Five.” And since we’re celebrating Pride month, Tan says it’s important to remember the diversity that exists in the LGBTQ+ community and how multifaceted it is. Plus he’s added a new component to the “French tuck.” Watch to find out.

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