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What to Know About 'Feral Girl Summer' and All of Your Hot Options

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June 21, 2022

Summer has officially kicked off. And whether you're an influencer or a simple observer, TikTokers across the board are thinking about what kind of summer they want to have. Some have trips in the books. Others are healing from heartbreak. And a few want absolutely zero responsibilities. So say goodbye to “Hot Girl Summer” (because we left that in 2019). And hello to the summer 2022 trends floating around social media.

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For those feeling a little bold…

Welcome to Feral Girl Summer. Think: Hot girl summer’s younger, wilder sibling. And the true embodiment of “No sleep. Bus, club, ’nother club, ’nother club, plane, next place. No sleep.” It’s all about living your best life and throwing caution to the wind as you make up for days lost to the pandemic.

One TikToker’s take includes no green juices but “4am Reddit holes, diet coke first thing in the morning.” For others, Feral Girl Summer can be summed up as house music ‘till the sunrises, vodka sodas, and eating the first thing in sight. Another TikToker said her Friday cardio is all about “getting absolutely feral on the dance floor.” Because the ‘that girl’ trend (aka getting up for the 5am pilates class eating acai bowls) isn’t always realistic. 

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For those tired of main character energy…

Give “Side Character Summer” a try. The goal here is simple: enjoy life without working too hard. So you can toss out the self-help books and podcasts for later. 

As one TikToker put it: “The vibe is ‘beloved side character with great outfits and funny one-liners.’” If you need some inspo, look no further than some of the most iconic sidekicks out there: Emily from “The Devil Wears Prada,” Janis from “Mean Girls,” Lane Kim in “Gilmore Girls,” or Edna Mode in “The Incredibles.”

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For those nursing a heartbreak…

Healing Girl Summer” is here for you. While it may feel like there’s pressure to constantly be on-the-go during the summer, it’s okay to hit pause and think about self-healing. 

There isn't really a guide to having the perfect “Healing Girl Summer.” It could mean spending $100 on self-help books, journaling daily, or focusing on your physical health. But for some, it means cutting out the noise aka modern dating. One person’s advice, think about what your teen self would want to do during the warmer months — and go for it. But for those who want the science of getting over heartbreak, we’ve got you covered


After spending two summers dealing with the pandemic, millennials and Gen Z are throwing out the notion of having the ‘perfect summer.’ And instead, focusing on living their best lives. Whether that means yoga at sunrise or staying out until the same time. 

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