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Daily Skimm: AI can be as good as humans at detecting breast cancer.

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AI can be as good as humans at detecting breast cancer.


This week, a groundbreaking study found that AI was able to detect 20% more cases of breast cancer than humans. It’s not just any study: this was reportedly the first-ever randomized control trial looking into AI and radiology. Over 80,000 women in Sweden were recruited and split into two groups: one whose scans were analyzed by two radiologists, the other by one radiologist and an AI system called Transpara.

The AI group did better?

Yes. Both groups caught over 200 cases. However, the one with AI caught over 40 cases of breast cancer, without any added false positives. Experts are calling the findings “breathtaking.” The authors are calling for more research. If other studies find similar results, AI could reduce radiologists’ workload by half.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world, with more than 2.3 million women diagnosed annually. AI isn’t replacing doctors anytime soon — but the study raises hopes that it could help catch more cases, earlier.

and also...this

What flopped…

Wall Street. Yesterday, US stocks dropped after one of the Big Three credit rating agencies downgraded America’s rating. The S&P 500 dropped to around 1.4% — its lowest level since April. The Nasdaq and Dow also dropped by 2.2% and 1% respectively. Earlier this week, Fitch bumped the US down to AA+ from the highest AAA rating. The agency said the downgrade — the first one since 2011 — was in response to the debt ceiling standoff in Congress, the Jan. 6 insurrection, and a “steady deterioration in governance.” Experts don't expect an immediate change for most consumers, but it could lead to higher borrowing costs.

Who got sentenced…

The Pittsburgh synagogue gunman. Yesterday, jurors sentenced 50-year-old Robert Bowers to death. It’s the first federal death penalty imposed under the Biden admin, which has put a moratorium on executions. Bowers was convicted for killing 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in October 2018 —  the deadliest antisemitic attack in US history. Today, families are expected to address the court.

Where people are chasing dreams…

The World Cup. Yesterday, underdog Jamaica stunned the world after advancing to the last 16 of the Women’s World Cup for the first time. Affectionately known as the “Reggae Girlz,” they beat the odds and drew with Brazil 0-0.

...Oh and speaking of underdogs, Somalia's gov suspended a national athletics official for selecting an untrained runner to compete in China's international 100-meter race. The Somali runner finished more than 10 seconds behind the winner (which is worse than it sounds).

Who’s turning a new maple leaf…

The Trudeaus. Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he is separating from Sophie Grégoire, his wife of 18 years. The couple said they came to the decision after “many meaningful and difficult conversations,” and promised to remain a close family. Cue the sound of people everywhere realizing Trudeau is now single.

Who’s trying to write in a happy ending…

Studios, heading back to the negotiating table.

Who’s expected in court today…

Former President Trump.

What’s going up like it's stuck…

The bids for Cardi B’s infamous microphone.

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