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A deadly incident in Gaza is jeopardizing cease-fire talks between Israel and Hamas.

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A starving child in Gaza

Hanging in the Balance

The Story

A deadly incident in Gaza is jeopardizing cease-fire talks between Israel and Hamas.

What happened?

There are conflicting reports. Gaza health authorities say that Israeli forces shot and killed at least 100 Palestinians yesterday who were trying to get aid. Israeli officials say dozens of people were trampled to death or run over by aid trucks, and that Israel fired warning shots to try to break up the crowd. Eyewitnesses say Israel opened fire at civilians, causing trucks to leave in panic. According to Gaza's Health Ministry, over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed since war broke out following Hamas's deadly attack on October 7th. In the past few weeks, getting aid into Gaza has become increasingly difficult amid an ongoing ground offensive, a breakdown in public order, and what the UN has said is a refusal from Israel’s military to allow deliveries. This comes as the UN said the Gaza population is close to famine and there are reports of people eating animal feed and grass to survive. But this latest incident may have even bigger consequences.

What do you mean?

Earlier this week, President Biden said he was hopeful that Israel and Hamas would agree to a cease-fire that includes the release of hostages by Monday. Now, he says yesterday’s deadly incident will complicate already delicate negotiations. Hamas reportedly said Israeli soldiers “committed a massacre” — language echoed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas — and that it wouldn’t let hostage negotiations “be used as cover for crimes against the Palestinians.” But Gaza is on a deadline. Israel has said that if Hamas does not release the remaining hostages by March 10, which marks the start of Ramadan, it will begin its ground offensive in Rafah in southern Gaza, where more than 1.4 million Palestinians are sheltering.


Negotiators are racing against the clock to secure a cease-fire that would pause fighting for at least six weeks, free the remaining hostages still held by Hamas, and increase aid to Gaza. Now, whatever hope there was that a cease-fire would happen before the March 10th deadline is starting to dwindle.

and also...this

Where rivals are presenting a tale of two border cities…

Texas. Yesterday, in parallel 2024 presidential campaign stops, President Biden and former President Trump visited two different cities on the US-Mexico border. For Biden, who stopped in Brownsville along the Rio Grande, immigration has become a campaign sore spot. There have been a record number of border crossings on his watch and Americans are taking note. One poll shows that immigration is a top concern for Americans for the first time in five years. Biden's blaming Republicans for torpedoing a bipartisan immigration reform bill after Trump called on his party to reject the deal unless they get “everything.” A few hundred miles upstream, Trump visited Eagle Pass, where nearly 251,000 migrants illegally crossed between October and January. He’s making immigration the crux of his campaign, vowing to carry out the “largest deportation operation” in US history. Although, experts warn the tactics he's outlined to accomplish this operation may or may not be legal. Meanwhile, a federal judge blocked a Texas law that would allow state authorities to deport and arrest people suspected of illegally crossing into the US.

Who could be the new face of the culture wars...

Baby Olivia. Instead of books, parents are fighting over a controversial fetal development video being pushed into classrooms by the anti abortion group Live Action. The three-minute video was made “to reveal the undeniable humanity of preborn children.” In 2023, North Dakota passed a law requiring public schools to show the video or a similar presentation to students. Since then, states like Iowa and West Virginia are attempting to pass similar bills. Backers of these bills say they’re looking to educate students on human development. But, medical experts say the video is “grossly inaccurate” by showing development occurs two weeks earlier than is actually does. It is leading to concerns that this will mold the next generation to oppose abortion without the proper facts.

What's making us feel very human…

Robots. Yesterday, the startup Figure AI — backed by Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, and Microsoft — said it raised $675 million from investors to speed up development of its humanoid robot. It joins companies like Tesla and Amazon-backed Agility Robotics in a crowded race to make robots that can be used in the workplace. Companies like BMW are preparing to bring a robot onto its production line to help with the manufacturing process within the next year or two. While this has some people saying “should I be worried about my job?”, these companies claim the robots will be sticking to the dangerous work.

Whose team is trying to stop the Gone Girl theories...

Kate Middleton's.

Who's consciously uncoupling...

Oprah and WeightWatchers.

What’s got a PSA for the girlies hoarding sauce packets…


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