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Sam Altman is not returning as CEO of OpenAI.

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 OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

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The Story

Sam Altman is going to Microsoft in the end.

What do you mean?

On Friday, OpenAI’s board of directors booted its CEO after it determined he was not being “consistently candid” with them. It’s not clear what about. The COO said there was no “malfeasance.” There are reports that this was about safety, with the board concerned Altman was moving too fast on AI. It’s worth noting: OpenAI has an interesting governance structure, responsible not for maximizing investor dollars but for making sure AI development is safe. Altman's ouster left many in the tech world stunned and kicked off an effort from investors to get him back in the CEO chair. But last night, OpenAI's board reportedly said it stood by its decision to keep Altman out, adding it's “the only path to advance and defend the mission of OpenAI.”

What's next?

Altman and former OpenAI President Greg Brockman are headed to Microsoft to lead an artificial intelligence research team there. The company has invested $13 billion into OpenAI and has seen its stock tumble following Altman's firing. Now, Microsoft's CEO said the company is "extremely excited" to have the pair onboard, while still continuing its partnership with OpenAI. In the meantime, Emmett Shear — a former Twitch executive — is taking over as the interim CEO. First on his list: assuaging employees, many of whom have been threatening to quit.


It’s still not clear why OpenAI’s board felt it had to oust Altman in such a shocking and abrupt way — something everyone wants answers on. In the meantime, many are comparing what happened to the 1985 firing of Steve Jobs.

israel-hamas war

The Latest:

  • Shifa hospital: Israel has released video of what it describes as a tunnel entrance and security cam footage of Hamas militants taking hostages into Shifa hospital on October 7th. Hamas says it brought the hostages in for medical treatment and that Israel’s allegations are a “pure lie.” It comes as almost 300 patients remain in Shifa hospital while dozens of babies were evacuated for treatment. 

  • Red Sea: Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels reportedly took over two dozen crew members hostage on a ship they say is Israeli owned. It comes amid reports that Israel and Hamas are close to reaching a deal that would see Hamas release dozens of hostages in exchange for a five-day pause in fighting.

and also...this

Who people are remembering…

Rosalynn Carter. Yesterday, the former first lady died at age 96 — days after entering hospice care. As first lady, she had an active role in President Jimmy Carter's administration, serving as an envoy to Latin America, attending Cabinet meetings, and advocating for mental health care legislation. After leaving the White House, the Carters founded the Carter Center to promote efforts like the campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease. In 1999, President Bill Clinton awarded the Carters the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Former President Carter remembered his wife of 77 years as his “equal partner in everything,” adding as long as she was around he “always knew somebody loved and supported” him.

Where there will be a new leader…

Argentina. Yesterday, the Latin American country elected populist candidate Javier Milei as president, shifting the country’s government to the right. He beat center-left Economy Minister Sergio Massa with nearly 56% of the vote. Milei — often compared to former President Trump — ran on a platform that promoted loosening gun laws, abolishing the country’s central bank, and changing the national currency to the US dollar. He’s been popular with young voters and Argentines who’ve been fed up with the country’s triple-digit inflation and widespread poverty. Former President Trump and Brazil’s former President Jair Bolsonaro celebrated Milei’s win. Milei — who takes office next month — said “reconstruction of Argentina begins today.”

What’s going through a breakup…

The United Methodist Church. Over the weekend, its North Georgia Conference gave 261 congregations the OK to break away from the church. The UMC is the second-largest Protestant denomination in the US with reportedly more than 6.5 million members. But since 2019, the church has seen more than 7,000 congregations leave amid divisions over the role of LGBTQIA+ members and same-sex marriage. Many are opting to join the more conservative Global Methodist Church. The North Georgia Conference said the latest departures marked a “solemn day.”

Who’s trial was over before it started…

Shakira's. Today, the Latin Grammy-winning singer reached a deal in a Barcelona courtroom over claims she committed tax evasion in Spain. In the settlement, she now faces a fine instead of facing jail time. The trial was expected to last until mid-December.

Who Taylor Swift fans are mourning…

Ana Clara Benevides Machado.

What had all the stars out last night…

The Billboard Music Awards.

What had the odds in its favor…

The “Hunger Games” prequel.

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