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Saying “no” to playtime

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The latest in parenting news, tips, and trends:

Why one mom is calling airline seat fees an unfair "tax" on families. Her take: either switch seats or babysit.

Techniques to help you: Say "no" to playtime when you don't feel like it and keep your cool. (Psst…Methods two and five are worth a try.)

This new study that shows how "momfluencers" can hurt new moms' mental health. Let’s digital detox together.

This mom’s experience parenting the classroom’s “problem child.” What she didn’t get? Resources. What she did get? Judgment.

This podcast episode that gives tips on how to find a babysitter amid a growing shortage. Hit play, now.

ask an expert

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Last week, we asked you to vote on a question to answer. The winner was:

What exercises can help strengthen my pelvic floor?


Kimberly Harper, MSN, RN, MHA

Kimberly Harper, MSN, RN, MHA

Perinatal Neonatal Outreach Lead at the 4th Trimester Project

Since your OB-GYN likely didn’t tell you, your pelvic floor supports your uterus, bladder, and rectum — and pregnancy can weaken, stretch, and damage it. This could also lead to a loss of muscle tone and control, Harper says. “Your body changes rapidly during pregnancy. Some of these changes can impact your body for a lifetime,” she says. You can help repair your pelvic floor by trying:

Harper says to aim for “three rounds of each exercise with about eight–15 repetitions per set.” She says to remember to “listen to your body and ease into any new exercise routine…You don’t want to be sore, but if you feel you need more of a challenge, you can always add weights or resistance bands.”

If you want more personalized care, Harper recommends visiting a pelvic or occupational therapist. She also recommends seeing them during pregnancy. You may need a referral, so check with your doc first.

PS: If you aren’t sure whether your pelvic floor needs a workout, Harper says to look out for:

  • Peeing when you sneeze, laugh, or jump

  • Feeling fullness or pulling in your vagina by the end of the day

  • Painful urination

  • Trouble making it to the bathroom in time

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65% of parents have sat on a daycare waitlist.

Let us help you get your spot. We’re building a new tool to guide you through making major life decisions, like who should care for your kids. Check out our five-step guide with expert-backed info on how to pick a daycare that’s right for you. Then let us know how we could improve it. We want to make your life easier, one choice at a time.

the resource

The Resource

When your friend asks for baby recs…

Send them to Lily Walla’s site Auggie. Walla, the site’s founder and CEO, created the platform to help parents shop and share their top baby recs, plus make personalized registries. We chatted with Walla about her baby must-haves and how Auggie helps parents make decisions.

What made you start Auggie?

“The idea for Auggie started when I was pregnant with my son. I was seeking information and wisdom from parents around me. But what I got from them were extensive spreadsheets. I consolidated the information and realized there is a lot of knowledge out here from parents, but not a central place to organize and share it within a community.”

How does Auggie vet the products it recommends?

“Everything on Auggie is there because a parent recommends it. That means it’s been vetted in the parenting trenches and offered as a recommendation to fellow parents. That carries a lot of trust and it’s the foundation of what makes Auggie so special.” 

Give us a sample of your recs. What are some must-have baby products that grow with your baby?

  • Doona Car Seat & Stroller: “This is a parent favorite because it makes transporting babies seamless and efficient. Plus [it is] so durable.”

  • Qeepsake: “It makes recording your baby’s life easy and organized. You get simple prompts via text to share details about your baby, and it all gets put into a beautiful book you’ll treasure.”

  • Inglesina Fast Table Chair: “Hook it to a kitchen island or dining table when eating out. It is easy and convenient. I think every parent needs one.”

Psst… Check out more Walla-approved baby picks here.

no one asked us, but...

No one asked us, but...

Dave Ogleton (better known as @FitDadCEO) has thoughts. This week, the “King of Dad Jokes” ranks dad trends from 0–10. Pass this to your fav dad.


Dave Ogleton

Dave Ogleton

Father of six and owner of FitDadCEO

Hard Pass

0/10 Cargo pants. It’s an immediate no for me. Not because of practicality, but because of the number of giant pockets it has. One good gust of wind and you’re carried off to the merry old land of Oz. Wear them at your own risk


5/10 Handy dads. Some are building entire furniture sets for their outside decks or creating fantastic movie-room nights equipped with balloons, lights, etc. I hired a handyman just the other day to do some work at home. Strange, when he finished, he only completed jobs one, three, five, and seven. Turns out he only does odd jobs.

More of this

10/10 The one trend I can always get behind is a knee-slapping dad joke though. One of the simplest things to teach kids today is how to make them roll their eyes. Way easier than when I tried to teach myself how to juggle clocks…I guess I just had too much time on my hands.

PS: Check out Ogleton’s IG for toddler, relationship, and parenting while traveling humor. 


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