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How Influencers Changed the Dating Game

Feb 15, 2022

Dating is hard. It's even harder now that dating apps and social media have entered the chat – or rather, our relationships. And everywhere you turn, there are new standards on what it means to be Facebook or IG official. 

Ten years ago, you'd ask Dear Abby all of your questions, read Cosmo, or watch a talk show. Now, people are turning to dating influencers online — and finding they have both good and bad advice to give. And whether you're talking, dating, in a successful relationship, or trying to achieve couple goals, everybody's swiping right trying to figure out what's what. We talked to sex and relationship expert Shan Boodram to help us figure out some of the new rules.

Then, we celebrate Black history month with Glory Edim, founder of Well Read Black Girl to highlight some amazing Black authors. Find out her top three book recommendations to put on your reading list. 

You’ll hear from:

  • Glory Edim, founder of Well Read Black Girl and podcast host

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