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Is Netflix Losing the Streaming Wars?

May 10, 2022

So much is trending in pop culture news. We have questions — and answers. 

  • First up: Rapper Young Thug was indicted with 27 other members of his crew for gang related charges. 

  • Then: What’s the latest in the Johnny Depp. v. Amber Heard trial? We’ll catch you up on the highlights since Heard took the stand. 

  • And: Why were people mad at Kim Kardashian for wearing the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala? A fashion historian gives us the tea.

  • Next: What does being “wrongfully detained” mean in the case of WNBA star Brittney Griner? We called up a sports reporter to explain. 

But our biggest question of the week: What’s going on at Netflix? Lately, things don't look too great over at the streaming giant. Last month, the company announced it’s lost 200,000 subscribers this year, and expects to lose more. Its stock continues to drop, costing the company billions. 

The prices for subscriptions have gone up, and there’s also been real talk about a crackdown on password sharing — meaning no more using ex’s account. 

And just two weeks ago, Netflix layed off a number of employees — including many women of color — from their fan site Tudum, and others on their marketing team. 

The streaming giant has long been ahead of the game, but is it finally falling behind the competition in the streaming wars?

We chat with two reporters who break down what all of these changes at Netflix mean for our queues and our wallets.

You’ll hear from:

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