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Why Lizzo, the Beyhive, and Lil Nas X Are All Upset

Jun 14, 2022

First up, we’ve got questions: Who’s the new addition to the list of EGOT legends? Which ex-husband tried to crash Brittney’s wedding? Who thought “Squid Game” should be a reality show? Why is the Beyhive upset with Saucy Santana, Twitter upset with Lizzo, and everybody upset with Amy Schumer for the tampon shortage?

But the big question this week: Why wasn’t Lil Nas X nominated for a 2022 BET Award?

Lil Nas X had one of the biggest albums of 2021. “Montero” climbed the charts, and so did its popular singles like “Industry Baby” — along with music videos that still have us talking. Plus, the album was critically acclaimed and nominated for multiple awards.

So, it’s not surprising that Lil Nas X tweeted about being snubbed when BET Award nominations were announced. But he’s not just calling out the network. He says he’s also pointing out the larger issue of homophobia in the Black community. And his tweets have Twitter divided. But why?

We talked to two reporters about the snub, the response to Lil Nas X calling out BET, and homophobia within hip hop. 

You’ll hear from:

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