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Memeing Through the War in Ukraine

Mar 8, 2022

People all over the world have watched in horror as Russia continues to invade Ukraine. But the war isn’t just being fought on the ground. It’s also being waged across social media. 

For the past few weeks, our timelines have been flooded with memes about the conflict. But as we’re processing what some say could be the next World War III, the backlash to what's being posted on all sides has been swift. And there’s been backlash to the backlash. So it has many questioning: is it OK that we’re memeing our way through war?

Today, we take a look at how memes have been used throughout the conflict and talk to a professor to help us understand how we use memes in times of trauma.

Then, on this International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting some incredible women that are breaking boundaries in their fields — starting with women writers. Find out how comic book writer G. Willow Wilson's work is helping change the Marvel universe, how author Tomi Adeyemi is redefining the fantasy genre in book publishing and how Quinta Brunson is redefining success with her hit TV show “Abbot Elementary.”

All month long, we’ll be highlighting cool women we think you should know. And to help us bring you the stories you want to hear throughout the year, fill out this quick listener survey.  

You’ll hear from:

  • Jessica Myrick, professor of communications at Penn State University

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