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Tired of Swiping? You May Have Dating App Fatigue

Aug 9, 2022

First up, say goodbye to #Kete, folks. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson called it quits after just nine months of dating. Get the rundown on the biggest breakup of the summer and Kanye’s reaction. 

Plus, find out why Megan Thee Stallion’s boo Pardi seems a little upset with The Rock? And did a couple really find love in the Popeye’s parking lot?

We quickly break it all down in this week’s Pop Five stories. 

Then, we Skimm (in under four minutes) what the heck is going on with the Warner Bros. Discovery merger that killed "Batgirl" — and how this new marriage may affect your streaming options.

And since we kinda have relationships on the brain, we’re diving deeper into dating app fatigue. (Yes, it’s a real thing!)

We spoke with a reporter who’s done research on the topic to understand what it is, what the signs are, and what you can do if you’re tired of swiping.

You’ll hear from:

Jessica Klein, contributing reporter for the BBC                                                 

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