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Why Are We So Obsessed with Astrology?

August 2, 2022

All hail Queen Bey! The “Renaissance” is here, and the house listening party started last weekend along with the drama. But this act one wasn’t the only thing dominating pop culture news. 

Did you hear that Taylor Swift’s is also topping the charts? But this time it isn’t for music. It’s for her terrible private jet CO2 emissions.

And after eight weeks of not being able to turn away from Love Island UK, we finally have this seasons’ winners.

What else is on our radar? Check out this week’s Pop Five stories. 

Then, we dive into one of the biggest trends Millennials and Gen Z are obsessed with: astrology.

We speak with a journalist to find out why. And we chatted with an astrologer to get the breakdown on what it’s all supposed to mean. Plus, don’t miss our host getting her chart read!

You’ll hear from:

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