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12 Ways To Listen, Learn, and Take Action Right Now

Press Pause
June 3, 2020

When COVID-19 hit the US, we created this series to help you Press Pause on the round-the-clock news. We wanted to help you get through it all by encouraging you to take mental breaks once in a while. And by giving you ideas for how to spend your time at home.

George Floyd's death and the outrage that’s followed have given us another reason to Press Pause. This time, to reflect. To learn. And to listen. At theSkimm, we’re committed to keeping you informed every day. But there’s still a lot we have to learn. 

As a community, we know that we’re all in different places thinking about how to fight racism in our daily lives. In order to grow together, we’re sharing podcasts, books, movies, and more that might help you navigate what’s going on right now. And we’re suggesting ways to make a difference. Because black lives matter.  

  1. An anti-racist reading list. These 20 books explore the history of racism in America, confront its current state, and address how we can move forward toward real change. PS: Here's a list of black-owned bookstores.

  2. Eleven things to watch about racial justice and the police. These docs and series showcase the stories of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Kalief Browder, the Central Park Five, and more. Watch them, share them, say their names. 

  3. Black-owned businesses to support. How you use your voice matters. How you show up for your community matters. Something else that matters? Where you spend your money. Check out some black-owned fashion companies, beauty brands, and more, that you can support with your wallet. 

  4. A Code Switch playlist. Guests from the popular NPR podcast curated songs that help them through heavy times. PS: Here are eight episodes of the pod that go deep on race, identity, and culture. 

  5. The 1619 project. This New York Times Magazine initiative won a Pulitzer Prize for its exploration of how America was built on slavery. Read the essays, then download the audio series hosted by journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones. 

  6. An app that helps you find black-owned restaurants. The conversations you have at the dinner table are important. Also important: the food on your table. This app connects you to restaurants in over 30 cities. Download it now. 

  7. Five black artists to know. Here are some contemporary artists addressing violence against black people. From sculptures, to photography and performance art, this list reinforces the idea that protest can come in many forms. 

  8. Anti-racist social media accounts to follow. This list suggests activists and organizations to check out on Twitter and Instagram. 

  9. Books by black authors for kids and teens. These all won Coretta Scott King Book Awards. From stories about growing up, to explorations of race and class, they deserve a spot on your kid’s bookshelf. 

  10. Nine podcasts to add to your queue. Essential listens from hosts like author Roxane Gay, actress Amanda Seales, writer Jemele Hill, and more. They talk candidly about race, the day’s news, and the cultural landscape. 

  11. Some ways to help. Here’s a list of organizations you can donate to and actions you can take right now. 

  12. Vote, vote, vote. Do your part and make your voice heard. Check your registration status here. There are No Excuses not to. 

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