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Adriana Carrig on Her Essentials for Motherhood and Running a Business

The Little Words Project Founder Skimms Her Life.
Adriana Carrig
November 16, 2023

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Skimm Her Life is a series in our weekly newsletter, Skimm Your Life, where smart women share their favorite things.

Today our favorite Nice Girl and founder of Little Words Project, Adriana Carrig is here to Skimm Her Life. Adriana is one of our favorite follows for her uplifting and honest perspective on motherhood, running a business, and being kind while doing it. Anything from Little Words Project would make a sweet holiday gift. Adriana, take it away…

Something you always have in your bag?

A mini dark chocolate and sea salt Kind bar. If I keep one of these in my purse, I know I’m reaching for something healthy when the “hanger” inevitably hits.

What’s on your nightstand?

A ginormous Stanley water bottle and a Haakaa manual breast pump. Both are lifesaving must-haves for moms nursing through the night.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Never be afraid to ask for help. I’ve always been a self-starter, but I’ve learned over the years that you need others to lift you up if you want to grow.

Favorite surprisingly useful item under $25?

Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil. (Selena, you crushed it with this one.) The lip oil makes me feel refreshed and put together even when I have nothing else on. I also love supporting another Latinx-founded brand.

Name some products that make your life easier as a parent.

Hands down, Willow’s wearable breast pump. It’s this magic wearable breast pump that I can latch on when I’m on the go or running between meetings. When it comes to the mom job, there’s no clocking out. I have tremendous respect for all mothers.

Your go-to stack of Little Words?

Here’s what’s on my wrist pretty much daily:

For people new to Little Words Project, what would you want them to know about you and the brand?

Little Words Project is so much more than just a jewelry brand. It’s a pay-it-forward kindness movement. If you’re new to our community, first of all, welcome. I recommend you start by finding or customizing a word that lifts you up or sparks something in you. Once that word has served its purpose in your life, you can pass it on to someone else who needs it more. You never know what someone else is going through. Even the tiniest extension of kindness can be so moving. And it never ends there.

Your current favorite book and/or podcast to listen to?

I was most recently moved by Whitney Wolfe Herd’s episode on “How I Built This,” where she discussed the importance of connecting with others IRL. It felt so relevant to what we’re trying to do at Little Words Project.

Tips for layering jewelry and creating your own stack?

More is definitely more. Whether it’s Little Words®️ that inspire you, dainty Little Layers with iconic symbols of luck and love, or custom pieces with your kiddos names or initials—you will never regret dripping in things that light you up. My recommendation is to start with three to four Little Words®, then throw in some Little Layers (our 14k gold vermeil bracelets).

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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