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Material Co-Founder Eunice Byun on Everything You Need for an Organized Kitchen

Plus, the CEO shares her favorite concoction for sparkling pots and pans.
Eunice Byun
October 26, 2023

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It’s a big day for our editors because Eunice Byun, co-founder and CEO of Material (aka one of our favorite brands), is here to share her hacks for an organized kitchen, plus all her favorite tools. You’ve heard us rave about Material before…so if you haven’t shopped the kitchenware line yet and your space could use a zhuzh, this is your sign to do so. Eunice, take it away…

The kitchen tools you use the most on a daily basis?

Material’s Trio of Knives, a Microplane (my eight year-old daughter loves any cheese grated over her morning eggs who doesn't?), and our grippy reBoard in Taffy.

Something you always have in your bag?

Dermatone Medicated Lip Balm. A lot of lip balms end up drying out my lips over time, or have a strong scent. This one feels creamy and hydrates throughout the day so I'm not having to constantly re-apply it.

What’s on your nightstand?

A glass of water, my eyeglasses, and a book. I’m currently reading one my executive coach recommended called “Leading with Heart.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Growing up, I would get inside my head and talk myself out of trying something or asking something of someone. I'd play out the scenario and come to a forgone conclusion. Knowing this, my mom reminded me to always ask and advocate for what I want. The worst that someone could do is say no but the best is that they could say yes. It's stuck with me through the years of building Material.

Your favorite recipe to cook?

I've succumbed to the bean trend on TikTok and have been loving a simple white bean dish: simmering cannellini beans with broth, shallots, garlic, crushed red pepper, olive oil, lemon, shredded lacinato kale, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. It's warming, hearty and easy to throw together with things I already have.

Favorite surprisingly useful item under $25?

A knife sharpener. All knives will dull over time, so it's important to learn how to care for them.

If our readers are looking to build out their kitchen essentials, what do you recommend they buy first?

The Iconics. It has three knives, six tools and a compact wooden base where you can magnetically affix your knives and house all the tools. It's also the perfect newlywed or housewarming gift.

Your favorite product from Material?

I’ve been loving The Full Glass set. There's something luxurious about drinking out of a beautiful glass.

Your go-to product for kitchen clean-up?

Baking soda. It works wonders on my countertops when I accidentally stain them (which happens too often as I'm in my chili oil era). I make a paste and let it sit for a bit and voilà, it's all gone. It's also perfect for freshening up your pots and pans. You can add a dash of vinegar and even throw in some coarse salt and it's the equivalent of a facial scrub, but for your cookware.

Your favorite product for storage and organization in the kitchen?

When stoveside, I love The Resting Stone so I have somewhere to put my utensils as I'm cooking. For all our leftovers and food storage, we have glass containers with a locking lid from Rubbermaid in every size.

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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