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This Pan Set Makes Me Feel Like Ina Garten in the Kitchen

caraway pan set review
Design: theSkimm | Images: Caraway
February 26, 2024

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Welcome to Skimm Tested, where we put products to the test and then give them a report card. (Check out all of our tried-and-tested faves here.)

The assignment…

To put Caraway’s cookware set to the test. The nontoxic, nonstick pans are a definite investment at $395+ for a set of four, but are a bestseller from the brand. Should you ditch the set you’ve been using since college? I say yes. PS: Skimm’rs receive 10% off until 3/31 (applied at checkout).

Straight A’s in…

  • Provided information. The brand includes an informational pamphlet, which is hugely helpful. You get insight into how to store everything, how to maintain quality over time, and most importantly, tips and tricks on how to use the set to its maximum potential. My one note: A lot of people skip over pamphlets. This time, don’t. 

  • Accessories. Probably my favorite part about this set is that you receive magnetic storage racks for the body of the pans and a compact canvas lid holder that can be mounted on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. These little add-ons make storage a breeze and make the overall price of the set way easier to swallow. 

  • Performance. As I imagined, these pans perform extremely well. It’s very hard to burn food, everything I’ve made cooks evenly and thoroughly. Because ceramic holds heat so efficiently, I didn’t have to cook anything on high heat, a-low to-medium flame was more than enough. Something else I loved: You don’t need to coat the pans in nonstick spray. Just a bit of oil or butter will get the job done. 

  • Versatility. You can pretty much cook anything in this set — I use the saucepan and fry pan most often. I can cook my morning eggs, saute vegetables, brown a quesadilla, and more. It really feels like a complete set and I don’t find myself wishing for another pan. There’s no wok included, but I made a stir-fry in the saucepan and it was delicious.

  • Materials. Caraway is serious about their use of nontoxic materials. The set is free of heavy metals, PTFE (most commonly known as Teflon®), PFOA, PFAS, and more. 

  • Aesthetics. Simply put, this cookware set is damn pretty. When it’s out on my stovetop, I actively admire it. It’s available in six classic colors (I chose navy), but it’s also available in black and white (which costs more). Overall, the set is sleek. It looks elevated and since you’re spending nearly $400, it honestly better.

caraway pan set review

Room for growth…

  • Weight. I wouldn’t exactly categorize these pans as light. Single-handed use is a bit more difficult, so I often use both hands when the saucepan is filled with ingredients. I’m so careful of how I handle these pans since they’re expensive and generally feel delicate.  

  • Temperature of handles. There’s a lot I want to say here, but the bottom line is that the handles get hot. I always use an oven mitt or kitchen towel for safety. I love that the handles have a notch on the underside, so I’m aware of how low down I can grab them, but if I’m mindlessly cooking and go to pick up a pan with bare hands — ouch

  • Moisture retention on lids. These lids hold moisture. And I want to stress hold. Best practice is picking up the lid and shaking it lightly over the pan so moisture drops back in. If you quickly remove a lid, you’re going to have a puddle on your countertop.

Works best for…

  • The avid cook. If you’re in the kitchen weekly, don’t subject yourself to pans that don’t heat evenly or hold onto food with a vengeance. 

  • Those with busy lifestyles (who still prefer to cook). Since this set is incredibly easy to clean, you’ll save major time in the kitchen. Parents who are wrangling kids won’t have a big cleanup. Less time and energy necessary = a huge win.  

  • Anyone looking for a kitchen upgrade. Maybe you’re moving and are vetting what you own, or maybe you’re at an age where you’re ready to drop more money on quality items. This is the perfect everyday item to invest in. It’ll be worth it in the long run.


Gets extra credit for…

Caraway produces clean and sustainable kitchen essentials, plus orders are shipped packaged in recycled materials, free of single-use plastics. Manufacturing partners implement regulated work hours, fair pay, and have a high safety standard for employees. Materials used (like the mineral-based coating on the pans) don’t leach toxic materials into food, and less CO2 is released during production when compared to pans that use traditional nonstick coatings. 

How I did my homework…

I’ve owned these pans for the last month, and have been cooking with them regularly. I’ve used them with my partner, so he’s been able to evaluate their performance. We’ve cooked a variety of things, from sausage and peppers to homemade meatballs. I’ve paid special attention to how well the nonstick coating works, what cleanup is like, how easy they are to store, and more. 


  • Caraway cookware set, $395+

  • Skimm’rs receive 10% off until 3/31 (applied at checkout)

  • Set includes a fry pan, saucepan, saute pan, and Dutch oven

  • Includes cookware storage (pan and lid storage)

  • Oven-safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit 

  • Safe to use with gas, electric, and induction stovetops

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